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( Apr. 19th, 2009 02:41 pm)
[ profile] isolabela and I started fraternal twin socks this weekend. Same pattern (Charade, from, same yarn, different colorways. And, as it turns out, despite the fact that I went up not one but TWO needles sizes, hers are STILL turning out bigger than mine, and I am worried these babies might not make it over my feet. ^^;; Aw well.

(Fraternal) Twin Terror Socks - Charade

Emily's are on the left (blue/orange/pink) and mine are on the right (pink/orange/yellow).

*sigh* Am packed up again for the train ride home. Must thrust myself into the shower and leave mah twin. ;_; Have I mentioned that I don't want to go to work tomorrow? Bah. =P

ps: [ profile] aoibhe and [ profile] secretchristine - Emily and I might suck at drunken Disney trivia, but you KNOW you love us best regardless. ^_~ *xoxoxoxoxoxoxo*
So I am having fun, and being all sorts of relaxed and sluglike. Not having to go to work on a Friday, and being able to just walk around and Geekiness and all. After the week I had, especially with all the crying done on Wednesday (but hey, I got to break in that new box of tissues =P), it's nice to be away from the crap. Friday I was still feeling pretty shitty, but made myself get over it -- sometimes you just have to squelch the self-pity down and move on. Twin Terror in T-Town with [ profile] isolabela is in full effect, and it's been a huge relief to just kick it with someone I totally adore and TALK ABOUT KNITTING AND HAVE THEM UNDERSTAND AND HAVE OPINIONS and watch copious amounts of anime (and Drop Dead Gorgeous last night, while starting in on our fraternal twin terror socks.) There was crazy plumbing drama at the ungodly hour of 1:30am, and I'm a little lacking in the sleep department right now, but there is Bento and luau and sleepovers on the docket today, and I shall persevere. With only a mild nap attack. =P

Have also been able to chat more with my Ohana Collective these past few days, which makes things not only easier to deal with, but makes me happy in ways that I cannot begin to explain. There's just something about family, yo. Just wish I coulda gotten in on the pedi/massage chair action from last night! I WANT PURTY TOESIES TOOOOO! *pokies [ profile] aoibhe and [ profile] secretchristine* <33333 (I did, however, get a brownie and ice cream and an Emily last night, so there's always that. =P)

So I am off to shower and face my fear of a bunch of strangers to meet the twin for her break at work and GET TEA AND FUD. I have given up coffee for a while since it's harsh on my tummy, and my tummy has Not Been Happy With Me recently anyway (apparently, it doesn't like it when I, Or drink. Or live, apparently. *kicks it*) so I've been consisting on tea. The headaches haven't been bad, so I have hope that I can survive. Because dude, I'm from Seattle. We drink coffee. Often. Fancy coffee, expensive coffee, drip coffee, we drink it all. I feel like I'm going back on my heritage. *grin*
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( Apr. 3rd, 2009 06:55 pm)

Amtrak: Reservation Confirmation

I CAN! I CAN!! Twin Terror in T-Town Two: The Alliteration Weekend! *happy dances*
I am having trouble with the actual perscription part of my glasses, just a little. I think I've been holding things close to my face for so long, that everything now, when I look through my 'script, seems really blurry. I have to find the perfect distance, because too far away is just as blurry as too close. =P

Went out to dinner last night with my little cousin, Alex. (And when I say "little", I mean that he's 22 and 6 feet. *grin*) We were going to meet his girlfriend at Red Hook for dinner, and she called up to say her car died and she had coasted in neutral for nearly two miles until she found a place to pull into, at a BoA branch. When we were trying to push her truck into a parking space that the bank had kindly said we could use, and older man jumped out of his car and started to help us. It was determined that the car needed oil since it was completely out, and he said he would wait next to it while we ran and got oil for it. He stayed with the truck, and us, for almost an hour, listening to the motor, looking under the hood, just being a decent, nice guy. It sorta restored my faith in humanity, just a least for the night.

Today is my friend, C.'s, 26th birthday and I'm suppose to go out with her later on in the afternoon before her party to check out her new apartment and then head with her to dinner with her gang, and I haven't heard a word from her all week! =P Guess I'm gonna have to call her in another hour or so, wake her up, and see what the deal is. I don't understand it though, no one wants to hang with my ass for MONTHS, and all of a sudden, I've got party invites all this month and then Tacoma and Portland with my twin, [ profile] isolabela and my friend Liv and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS SUDDEN POPULARITY. *grin* A lot of me wants to hunker down for the weekends and write obsessively with the co-conspirators, but I think the meds are working, and going out and doing social things doesn't seem so unappealing and crippling. *sigh* Am still hoping that it's not a late night tonight. I MISS MAH WIFEY! *clings to [ profile] aoibhe*
I experienced my first (and subsequent second) game of 'Pange Pong. It's like Beer Pong, only with champagne. ^^;; THE BUBBLES. ZOMG. After downing about a 3/4 of a bottle a piece, A., [ profile] isolabela, and I went down to see their college improv group. SO FUNNY. Even better when totally buzzed, let me tell you. =P

Train ride was slightly maddening on the way down to T-Town. For some reason, crossing things kept malfunctioning and crap was on the tracks, and we had to slow down and stop for about 30 minutes in total. Bah. I was so exhausted from not sleeping the night before (I'm hoping this isn't s a new thing I'm adding to my repertoire, as I did the same thing in December. ><) but still managed to keep awake, and mostly coherent (although the booze prolly didn't help that one =p) until midnight. YAY.

So am waiting for the twin to get home from work, and we shall walk over to get teriyaki (yayayay!) and then settle in for some serious slug-like behavior. Wifey! *pokes you* We be calling you. Have already talked about how much we love you. IT IS ALL GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN! <3
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( Jan. 29th, 2009 05:27 pm)
*type typetypetypetype typetype type type type typetypetype* <<-- is what I'm getting accomplished today, HEEEEEE *flops* HEEEEE!

SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW. [ profile] isolabela, T-TOWN, THE TWINS TOGETHER! HEEE! Only one person could make this trip even AWESOMER THAN IT ALREADY IS, and someday, wifey o' mine, our Trifecta of Awesome will be all together. ♥♥♥ I am so packing and repacking. (There WILL be Zebra Cakes, correct? *gigglefit*)
Despite only have two buttery nipple shots last night, I woke up feeling all headachey and kinda grumpy. ^^;; This is why I rarely drink the hard stuff, guys, I just have no tolerance. ^^;; *is a wimp* Hung out with my cousin and his friend last night at the party, and it was really fun, but was so exhausted so cut the night short around 11pm and we headed to our respective homes. I had truly bizarre dreams including one where I spent the whole time yelling at a co-worker who was pissing me off, and Obama (yeah, that one was BIZARRE O.o [ profile] aoibhe and I were at a White House press conference that went awry.) The night before, I had dreams about angrily sorting yarn whilst yelling. I think my brain is a strange, strange place. So needless to say, today might be a stay in pjs and be lazy sort of day. I have things to write and plot, and a striped Noro Silk Garden scarf to knit to the exclusion of all other knitting projects (read: the Shawl of Doom and more fingerless cuffs for belated xmas gifts. Oops? I agree with my knitting goddess, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, that a scarf that is 1x1 ribbing and two row stripes should not even be at all this entertaining. But really? It so is. My fingers itch to knit it everytime they aren't preoccupied with typing...and even sometimes when they are. It does not make sense. Or, rather, maybe it does. Because the dye job on these yarns are SO LOVELY that it is immensely fun to watch as the colors shift with every row. *sigh* I also understand that this sounds a little...odd. Please, bare with me. This just means that this might someday be around the neck of one of you. Knitting loves company. ^_~)

Had to cancel one train ticket and order a new one, but my plan to take over WA with the twin, [ profile] isolabela, continues strong even after minor setbacks. Fear. Us.

Just as an aside, please go over to [ profile] foolsnotion and tell her how absolutely fabulous she is for offering and executing an adorable piece of art of my surly, but much loved, OC Lenore. It just makes me happy, yo. ^_________________^
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( Jan. 20th, 2009 06:56 pm)
I have tickets for the train to descend upon [ profile] isolabela in a week and a half for the duration of an entire weekend. WASHINGTON STATE: FEAR OUR (AWESOME) AWFULNESS.

*starts packing already*

~ Yarn/needles (mitts, Noro Silk Garden scarf, possibly Shawl of Doom if only to prove its actual existance to someone other than myself)
~ Anime (um...I think I only have Vampire Hunter D, Vampire Princess Miyu, and Saber Marionette J =P)
~ TV on DVD (Spn, Due South - two words: DRAG EPISODE, Firefly, Invader Zim - TAAAAAACOOOOOOOS!)
~ Horrible, bad, awful Spn novel TO SPREAD/SHARE MY PAIN =P
~ a Pullip, specially picked out for photo ops, during times of too much junk food, far too much caffeine, and sensory overload from non-stop anime/movie viewing (possibly optional. But prolly not. NOT CREEPY *stamps foot*)
~ Oh, right. Clothes. And toothbrush. And stuff. Details *handwave*
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( Jan. 17th, 2009 07:34 pm)
I spent the majority of my evening sitting on my kitchen countertop with my "baby" cousin (4 years younger almost to the day - I'm the 23rd of Dec, he's the 25th) and his girl friend (not girlfriend?) talking about, among other various things, 4Chan. For this? *bakes blame!cookies for [ profile] isolabela and [ profile] aoibhe* ^^;;;; But, I got a Anytime Rock Star Party invite, so there's that. *grin* I WILL RAWK IT.

I filed my taxes too, and AM ACTUALLY GETTING a refund! HELLS YEAH. I didn't expect one, really, since I got the stimulus check last spring. But nope. Am saving it for my June trip, methinks (although, I should totally put it on my credit card bill REALLY. Eh. The ohana is more important than silly bills any day. ♥ )
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( Dec. 27th, 2008 09:56 am)
People are stupid. That is all.

Pssst: You like gorgeous, handmade jewelry? GO HERE! Wyrding Studios is having a big ole end of the year sale, and it's worth it to take a look. I have a ton of Kyth's stuff, and one inspired the tattoo I have on my back. GO LOOK. *shove*

Day 2 of Meme:

~ The snow is melting, even when it came back yesterday and we got another inch or so. The fact that is melting brings me hope. *flop*

~ The thought of reading horrible SPN fiction to [ profile] aoibhe and [ profile] isolabela on the phone. BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO SUFFER IF I DO TOO. ^_~
Horrible, awful freaking Christmas. I AM SO GLAD IT'S OVER. Didn't sleep well that night, and woke up around 5:20am to get a drink of water. Had just settled back into my bed when BOOM. My air filter, and clock went out. I couldn't figure out what seemed wrong until I noticed that there was no noise. I had a fit. Laying in bed. An absolute fit. Mom woke up in the next room and immediately called the power company to let them know. Cut to 6pm, after a day of getting another 8 inches of snow, in a cold, dark house on Christmas effing day. (We're up to two feet now, for those playing along at home.) Then my internet decided to be sluggish and really, I was just so cold and exhausted and miserable, I started to cry. It's a little ridiculous to think about right now, but dude, I was so done by then. These past two weeks have just knocked me on my ass.

But, I took a nice hot shower, used new bath stuffies, and cuddled down with internet, mah wifey, Criminal Minds, and flannel jammies. So while the day sucked, at least the night was good.

AND! I just saw that I was tagged by [ profile] vomviersen for the 8 Days of Things That Make You Happy Meme! (Okay, so I'm a little slow and sorta been wallowing in self-pity. I guess this is a good thing to try. =P)

So my things for today:

~ NO SNOW! Yes, I finally woke up and DIDN'T see snow falling from the sky. And, the most beautiful news of all, a new storm is coming in and it's gonna be ALL RAIN. I've never been as happy to hear the word "rain" than I am right now. (I will ignore the ZOMG!FLOODING that will happen after it rains. Still. NOT SNOW.)

~ For the first time in years (I wanna say closer to 20, but it's probably more like 15) my father actually surprised everyone for Christmas. I got $100 in my stocking (half for my birthday, half for Christmas), Nate got $50, and mom got really good seats with my aunt to go see Seven Brides For Seven Brothers in Seattle tomorrow night (she and I wanted to do that for my birthday, but it was too expensive for all the tickets, and then the snow, and it just didn't pan out.) My father and I really don't get along - he doesn't really get along with any of us - so this was shocking in a good way.

~ A hot shower last night that made all my tears go away. Watching Criminal Minds with [ profile] aoibhe until late. Having my power and internet back. SO. GLAD.

~ My awful twin, [ profile] isolabela, gets to play in the desert with [ profile] aoibhe and [ profile] secretchristine, and while most people I would begrudge out of pure jealousy, I adore Emily and just wish I could be there too! MAH GIRLIES! LET ME SNUGGLE YOU! *loves* HAVE FUN, DARLING ♥


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