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( Mar. 18th, 2009 04:29 pm)
We have no bleach at work. People, I work with things that WERE IN PEOPLE'S MOUTHS. Like, mouth juice and gaaaaah *shudder* and my boss cannot be arsed to bring in a bottle of bleach. We asked MONDAY when we ran out. We are using the same bleach from MONDAY MORNING. THIS IS SO GROSS. I really don't want like...the hanta virus. Or ebola. Please to bring our things NAO. *gags*

In other non-ranty work things...I had the best time last night, comment!spamming mah peeps and giggling with the wifey and basically having a wonderful night. I haven't had that in a long time. You guys know who you are, THANK YOU FOR THAT. If I could, I would knit you all mittens and bake you all cookies. ♥
Today was a full day of work, which has sorta become a rare thing the past month or so. I think I can count on one hand how many full eight hour days we've had in the past couple of weeks. O.o;; Tomorrow is payday, and I'm hoping, HOPING, that the ole check isn't gonna be a joke. =P I still have bills to pay, and my glasses took all the money I was saving (and then some) to supplement this lean paycheck. ^^;; Had to take money from my AZ fund, which annoys me to no end. -_-

J. made me laugh so hard, though, that I actually cried. I don't even know how we got started, and unless you were there, me explaining it would still make no sense, but just lemme tell you: showboating finger people. *wheeze* Omg. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. IT WAS AWESOME. Somedays, it's really worth slogging through headaches and slow mornings to get those moments. =P

I think the meds are starting to work. I'm actually going to do something SOCIAL this weekend (The Watchmen movie with my lil cuz and his girlfriend on Friday.) And just a couple of weeks ago, the idea of doing anything made me have to go have a laydown. *shrugs* We'll see, still have some bad moments, since I spent Sunday night on a crying jag, but things have relatively calmed down when I got a grip and gave myself a mental slap. Sometimes, I just get so bogged down on the tiny details, on the littlest thing, and suddenly I'm off on a tangent, and I forgot to look at the big picture. Have to work on that.

Spent last night being creative. And having a blast. And wanting more (erm...should I be saying that aloud? DOES THAT MAKE ME SOUND DESPERATE?! =p)

Also, dollie peeps! I might be selling a couple of my dolls (nude, William and Celsiy) because I've discovered that I could never really get too excited about them once I had them in my hot little hands. Guess it's time to do a little thinning out of the collection (plus, I think I desperately want Melize, and I definitely need obitsus and wigs.) So if anyone is interested (Will has a slightly trimmed Lovehaze fur wig on in dark brown) lemme know. I'd rather give you girls first dibs before I put it on Shopadollics and the Pullips LJ. ^^ v
Wrennie: *giggle*
Wrennie: all day at work, K, J, and i have been yelling to each other, "duuuude, bra, let's get some FUCKING JAGERBOMBS!"
Aoibhe Sean: ahgahahhahahahah
Wrennie: "yeaaaah, dude, and we'll wear three polo shirts at once and pop all the collars!"
Wrennie: "duuuude, let's get some FUCKING JAGERBOMBS at FUCKING VALHALLA!"
Wrennie: /surfer voices
Wrennie: i dunno
Wrennie: i think we're beyond help
Aoibhe Sean: :))
Wrennie: the fumes *flails* have taken over
Wrennie: "fucking irish car bombs?"
Wrennie: "noooo, dude, bra! FUCKING JAGERBOMBS! AT VALHALLA!"
Wrennie: which is a dive bar somewhere
Wrennie: around
Wrennie: *handwave*
Wrennie: srsly, we beat that horse until it is GOOD AND DEAD
Wrennie: and then we keep prodding it
Wrennie: "keep being funny, horse! C'MON!"
Wrennie: ^_~
Wrennie: "K just got slapped on the Facebook."
Wrennie: "Wren at 4:42pm February 27
That was some serious pwnage, bra. Now shake it off. LET'S GO GET SOME FUCKING JAGERBOMBS!! =P"

Wrennie: yeah, i dunno =P
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( Feb. 25th, 2009 05:11 pm)
Still headachey. Still upset stomach. Still feeling crappy about...just about everything. =P Thanks to a crappy day at work and an interesting little chat with my manager. And while I can understand where she's coming from, the fact that it came out and I had no clue something was even wrong? That instantly made my head throb and my stomach churn. Guh. There were two things that made this day worth getting out of bed at all, and that was supersilly ficlet from da wifey this morning, and the Package For Mature Audiences Only from [ profile] secretchristine and [ profile] aoibhe. Frsrs, it made me laugh till I cried. Nice to know the ohana is looking out for my well-being. *gigglefit* I LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH. ♥

But anyway, stolen from both [ profile] aoibhe and [ profile] xtinethepirate ♥♥♥

One little compliment can make you feel great. So give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my shoelaces are pretty. Put this in your journal. Once you get some comments, put that entry in a memory or tag and when you are feeling down, just go to that entry and this will remind you how great you are.

Comments are screened as per meme "rules". Don't forget to post this in your lj when you're done so I can comment to you!! ♥
S: *opens back door* Let me know if anyone starts to cut glass, and I'll close it.
Wren: *bewildered look* WUT? O.o
S: Yanno, when the nips come out and you--
Wren: *frantic arm waving* I GET IT. I GET IT. WAH.
J: TURKEY'S DONE! *ding*

*S starts eating chips and dip with a fork*
E: And S over here, the only one with a fork.
S & NG (same time): Because I'm/she's European.
Wren: That is our excuse for everything S does. "What? Oh that. Ignore it, she's foreign."

*headdesk* My co-workers. At least they're not boring. *grin*
K: That sucks.

J: *to retainer wire* Argh, you suck.
Wren: *mock offended* I beg your pardon?!
J: I know you do. K's mom told me.
Wren: Wow, his mom really gets around.

Why do your mom comments NEVER STOP BEING FUNNY?

Also, my beloved f-list has been having some shit, a lot of it. This new year has barely started, but it's been sucking like a two-dollar hooker. Here, have a song, it totally makes me think of all of us. <333

The Weepies - Not Your Year

Your life feels like the morning after all year long )
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 05:27 pm)
Things overheard in the lab today (aka: Possibly proof that we inhale too much acrylic fumes than is healthy)


M: *mumblemumble*...summer *mumble*
K: Oooo, who's SUMMER!?
M: It's the nickname I have for YOUR MOM.
Wren: You know, you almost have to be like, WELL DONE, for that one.

Sometimes, you just have to stand back and admit that you and your co-workers are a bunch of fucking idiots, BUT IN A GOOD WAY. *grin* All these conversations lose something in the translation, but believe me, SO FUNNY. =P
I'm gonna try to get off the whole "but I am le tired" kick I've been on recently. (Even though I'm TOTALLY still exhausted. But you didn't hear that from me *shifty eyes*)

For all y'all out there who like to take pics/know a thing or two about digital cameras, might I bend your ears a bit? I recently ran my computer chair into the Pullips bookshelf, where my cam was sitting. It sadly fell onto the floor (the part not covered by a rug >< of course) and the damn thing BROKE. *sigh* So I am without camera once more. I have no idea where to start looking for a new one. It was a Canon Powershot A560, and while it was a decent enough sort, I could never get it steady enough to take a non-blurry picture. Even in natural lighting on a stand. I swear it could feel the earth's rotation. ><;; Something under $200 with a motion stabilizer would be lovely, and compactish. Anyone? Bueller? I'm not looking for anything grand - I'm not trying to take pictures for National Geographic - but something that isn't gonna blur if I breathe on it too hard, and has relatively clear, non-noisy image result. Please and thank you. ♥

Work drama was almost non-existant today. HUZZAH! [orthodontic babble] I still rock the zebra stripes, even when I'm headachey and sickly - finally, I'M the best at something. I love when my manager takes care of the twin blocks that she springs on us at noon or later, THAT HAVE TO GO OUT THAT DAY WITH THE REST OF THE DELIVERIES. Especially when they have grind-ins. [/end orthodontic babble] Got stuck doing invoices again today, which I guess wasn't horrible, except for the little fact that I still haven't managed to finish checking shit from August and July, and then learning that the end of November and ALL of December have yet to be checked as well. People. This isn't my job. I do it to help out from time to time. Please not to be leaving all of it for me -- I already do my own work and then some. ><;;
WORK DRAMA. Bah, it didn't involve me, but there was much screaming and sending home of a co-worker and O.o!! Tomorrow should be...interesting to deal with. ><;; Not looking forward to it.

Still exhausted, even though I went to sleep before 9pm last night. I really do think I might be trying to fight off some sort of cold. >< Woke up blazingly hot at midnight, and actually had to turn my fan on. Had weird, bizarre dreams, although not as scary as the Criminal Minds dream I had a few nights ago that I cannot for the life of me remember, other than it was FREAKISHLY TERRIFYING. Brain, wth? I get a dream with hot mens in it, and instead of anything fun, I wake up with dread and pounding heart. For shame, brain, for shame. *shakes head*

Might be another early night. Finally started The Changling Sea from [ profile] lildemented and LOVE IT SO. The muse loves it as well, so that makes for a happy brain all around (cept for the yelling and screaming portion of today's work day. That sorta harshed my literary buzz. Jerks.)
Doc appointment today which wound up being more of a "this isn't really a bad case of PCOS. Here. Have birth control!" sort of thing. Basically, one more thing to add to the rather longer than I like list of Things Wren Has That Are Bad Enough To Have Crap Symptoms, But Are Not Bad Enough To Do Really Anything About. Also? I was there for two and a half hours, and fine, yes, he had to like...deliver a baby or something. Still. In the grand tradition of Mondays everywhere, I was (am) tired and CRANKY and frustrated and still depressed and more than a little disheartened, and mostly just BLAH. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

But, alas, no one is going to be removing parts of That Damn Ovary, so at least I will have money. And birth control. Which means I could totally become a raving sex addict and not worry about babies. Or something. Believe me, being the only woman in a waiting room who didn't already have mewling brats and buns in the oven, it was pretty good birth control in and of itself. There are children I simply adore (and they know who they are *snugglesmissesloves*) but this one particular brat and his stupid parents WHO WERE PROCREATING ONCE AGAIN? -_- Srsly. Just don't. Because you cannot control the one you already have, throwing in another into the mix WILL NOT HELP.

...I dunno. The raving sex addict part sounds sorta fun though. *grin* (Humor me, please. =P)

Changing moment happened with the doc read me the riot act about my weight. If it were so easy to take off weight, I'd not be struggling for as long as I have (namely, 13 years.) But I guess that is something I will have to work harder on. Damn it. ><;; *goes to bed and watches Criminal Minds instead*

Good things, somewhat after the fact... )
Figured I'd better make my last post of 2008. Today, my manager was back at work, and my boss wasn't there. Chaos ensued, as is the case when my manager is running things again. Had gotten use to the order and routine of having the bosslady for the past couple of weeks, so it was...annoying, to put it nicely, when I got blamed (however miniscule) for her not being ready for me. Bah. *handwave* Anyway...

Still had to get up early and take a shower and go into work today, which was also annoying. =P Only worked about three and a half hours, which seemed SO LONG and yet FLEW BY at the same time. Went to grocery store, picked up stuff for my favorite red beers, and came home to slip into jammies and veg out in front of the laptop with mah wife [ profile] aoibhe and let the newest TV obsession (Criminal Minds *le sigh* ^_~) take over. Took a nap (too long of a nap, but at least I'll be able to stay awake until midnight maybe?) and fully plan on bugging Eva, drink red beers, and eat popcorn. Hells. Yes.

I doubt I'm going to make any resolutions. I never follow through, and I think that it's too stressful to deal with the failure when I've already got stress enough. =P Doctor appointment on Friday morning, holy rescheduling Batman!, this will be the 4th time I've had to move it because of ALL THIS FUCKING SNOW. =P But I'm not bitter in the least.

I know I skipped a couple of blogging days for the 8 days meme, but I'm gonna continue on, damn it:

~ The roads are finally clear, and the car can finally get out of the driveway. HUZZAH!!

~ Sometimes tears are good, and I got to remember that last night. A new growth opportunity, and remembering that sometimes, you have to swallow your pride and admit you're stupid from time to time. <3

~ FOUR DAY WEEKEND. It still sucks that it's unpaid, BUT I DON'T CARE RIGHT NOW. The muses are primed for a couple of days of plotting and writing. CREATIVITY. ENTHUSIASM. I HAVE MISSED YOU.
I worked 10 hours today, with no lunch break, and my brain? SORTA FRIED, THANKS. *flops* I know that there are those of you out there who do that regularly, AND YOU HAVE MY CONDOLENCES. NO THANKS. Nuh. *grin*

So. Tired. Hungry. Anxious about doing the same thing again tomorrow (14 inches of snow, kids, is not fun unless you are, actually, a kid. *flops*) Was told that we aren't going to open for a half day on Christmas eve, and while the money would be nice? SLEEPING IN IS SO MUCH BETTER. SO YAY.

Got the call from my surgeon's office today about the results from my test at the hospital a week and a half ago: not my adrenals, it is That Damn Ovary. Have had to reschedule this appointment twice already due to ALL THIS FUCKING SNOW, so am hoping that Monday I can actually go in and get this thing rolling. Surgery? I dunno, will have to see.

Last day of being 25. My last year of being in my mid-20's. Oh, I wibble.
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( Dec. 10th, 2008 05:02 pm)
*le sigh* Today was...sorta crap. Running around, didn't get all the stuff out until 2:45pm, and then didn't get a lunch break on TOP of that, so was pissed and starving and shaking and just...blah. Hospital tomorrow. Double blah. New Winter Knitty, but the site is so wonky that I can't get any of the pages to load. Triple blah.
Blah, still have to go into work tomorrow after my doc appointment. BLAH. Still, four day weekend!!!

Am tired and boring today. That is all.
Yanno, when we get a bite block to make at NOON that has to go out THIS VERY SAME DAY, no wonder we don't get to take lunch until nearly 2pm. *flop* Ah well, that meant I only had about an hour left of work to do when we got back from break, and that was pretty awesome. SO TIRED THOUGH. I spent far too much time running to catch my phone ringing and playing phone-tag with doctors. I've called about five times to no less than three different doctors today. When I have the energy, I will write up the sorry tale of woe that is my health recently. I am not on speaking terms with my ovaries, and my adrenal glands? Fuggitaboutit. They can just fuck right off. =P Am so beyond sick of this...erm...being sick...ness. Yeah. That.

Despite being very much annoyed with my mother yesterday, she hath redeemed herself! She juiced THIRTY key limes to make "a key lime pie for Thanksgiving for her rotten daughter," as I requested last night. WOOT! YAY MOMMY!

I can has Re-ment? I opened ten boxes of Merry Strawberry today, with help from mom, for my very much spoiled Dal, Linden. Basically, I love things that are tiny. This, I cannot help. I'm gonna go take pictures now.

ps: PEOPLE! Watch Pushing Daisies tonight! <3

Christmas Came Early...
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( Nov. 17th, 2008 05:03 pm)
Monday. Meh. Told my manager about my horrible dream that I had about her Friday night and she laughed and gave me a hug. *snort* Sometimes, I do actually like where I work. =P Today was even decently busy, and I had really yummy teriyaki for lunch. Pretty much, that's as good as it gets for a Monday.

The Shawl of Doom shall have another row knit on it, and so shall my two swap projects, AND something else for my Dal House forum swap. Unless I fall asleep. Which might actually happen. So much for ambitions tonight. =P

I had the single most HORRIBLE FREAKING DREAM about work ever. Like, I think I actually woke up crying a little the first time. ^^;; My manager yelled at me, and I think I was sorta fired, and she kept going around spreading horrible rumors about me to our co-workers, and I just remember calling my mom and having her pick me up, completely incoherent with tears. Dude.

All the other dreams I had after it, were all about how much I dreaded the first dream. ^^;; Weird.

Oh, and this sounds just a little ominous: [ Capricorn Horoscope] You might feel anxious today because change is in the air and you cannot yet grasp what it has in store for you. Your current insecurity blossoms if someone withdraws support or even love. Although you intellectually understand what's going on, this can bring up abandonment issues. Instead of attempting to hold on to the status quo, let go of your previous expectations and see where this shift carries you.
IS FREAKING FRIDAY, FREAKING FINALLY! *flops over* I need to recover from the LONGEST WORK WEEK EVER. Today we were all anticipating an early day, and of course, after weeks of a whole lotta nuthin, WE GET WORK IN. On a Friday. Of course. *eyeroll*

But, at least everyone was in a good mood -- we were all like a bunch of 8 year olds on Christmas morning: the focus was not at all there. =P Hell, am just happy that people calmed the eff down and started acting like friends again. =P
My father is a fucking tool. That is all.

...well, not totally all. My friends are my family, and there are a few that I consider "blood" and they mean more to me than anyone I just happen to be related to. I was not born into this close-knit family, and I am most definitely the black sheep on both sides. I have little to no real emotional connection to my father (and, I guess in his defense, he has little to no emotional connection to me, so it all sort of evens out =P) other than anger and disgust. There are times when I can tolerate him, though. Mostly, I just hope to never turn into what he is, which is distant, close-minded, and frankly, a huge asshole. /gets off soapbox

In other news, I talked to my co-worker and cleared the air between us. Made sure she knew that what she had said a couple days ago was NOT COOL, NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT, and explained a few things to her. So at least there's that. This has been a long fucking week, and I am ready for the weekend. *flopsover* Srsly, it's like when work is slow, people need to make up drama just to have something to do. I AM SO DONE WITH THIS, PEOPLE. Just act like freakin' adults, FOR ONCE, oh my GOD, REALLY.
Today is not as horrible a day as yesterday was. Still not sleeping, which isn't unusual, but still not great. =P I was so filled with rage last night, venting to da wifey, that my internet decided to up and die on me. RAGE KILLS, kids, remember that. =P

Spent over two hours on the computer at work, checking invoices and being the Office Drone. I generally don't mind doing that - especially now when things are so slow, it's better than sitting with nothing to do or, gods forbid, cleaning that hellhole - but these are all from July-Sept, which means I have to manually type up all the stuff instead of browsing by the invoice numbers. Over two hours of mind-numbingly dull work, and I got, oh, about two and a half days worth of invoices done. *flops* Three piles down, 29 left to go. ^^;;

Am trying not to panic about two packages I sent through the mail - I've gotten both the trades from them, and haven't heard from either of the girls if they've gotten anything from me yet. ^^;; That makes me a little nervous. It's not even been a week yet, though, so am trying not to worry.

Started yet another knitting project, Stitch 'n Bitch Nation's Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers in this glorious varigated green wool. Mmm. Add that to the pile with my last doll scarf for Crink, the Shawl of Doom that has been lauguishing away for the better part of two years, and my white sparkly mittens. A pair of slippers from the new Interweave Knits Gifts magazine are tempting me as well. *groan* Plus, I have this desire to figure out moebius knitting so I can a) start/finish that scarf for my mom that I promised her last year (^^;; heh), and b) knit myself a moebius bag. Oh, how I long for one of those...


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