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( Mar. 18th, 2009 04:29 pm)
We have no bleach at work. People, I work with things that WERE IN PEOPLE'S MOUTHS. Like, mouth juice and gaaaaah *shudder* and my boss cannot be arsed to bring in a bottle of bleach. We asked MONDAY when we ran out. We are using the same bleach from MONDAY MORNING. THIS IS SO GROSS. I really don't want like...the hanta virus. Or ebola. Please to bring our things NAO. *gags*

In other non-ranty work things...I had the best time last night, comment!spamming mah peeps and giggling with the wifey and basically having a wonderful night. I haven't had that in a long time. You guys know who you are, THANK YOU FOR THAT. If I could, I would knit you all mittens and bake you all cookies. ♥
Oh right! This NaBloPoMo? It's about change. And I have been babbling on about the same old, same old. So here's a little something different:

~ My mom and I decided (and by that I mean my mom decided, and I just nodded my head in agreement) that we need more fruits and veggies in our diet, and that the easiest way to do that was to actually juice every single morning. My mom's had her juicer for years, it's a really nice one, and she luckily gave birth to a girlchild who loves freshly squeezed juice. (I dunno if my older brother likes juice, but his is a dirty hippie kid, and is therefore irrelevent. *grin* Also, he doesn't live here.) This morning was Day Two of the Great Juice Campaign, and it was ginger,spinach, carrot, apple, pear, beet, tangerine, celery, and tomato juice. YUM. If it wasn't for the fact that I really just LIKE the taste of meat, I could totally be a vegetarian (not a vegan, as I can't give up cheese. I dream about cheese. I go to SF, not only to see [ profile] wingsofchaos but also to go to Cowgirl Creamery and buy, you guessed it, MOAR FRESH CHEESE. I did, however, have the most luscious batch of tiny vegan chocolate cupcakes from PCC once, that made me weep from sheer joy.)

~ I am not known for self-confidence. Shocking, I know! O.O I often feel my own failings and insecurities all too much and they can choke me until I'm sitting in the dark with a panic attack. At work, I play the loveable fool, where I hope that people feel as though being mean to me is like kicking a puppy (sadly, this doesn't stop some people. *le sigh*) But when I was the only acrylics tech in the lab, with just me and my boss, something changed. Last week, when everyone was finally back, I felt different. More capable. More confident. And I think people saw that. I didn't let stupid words bug me, and I did my job feeling like I was actually pretty good at it.

~ I have new friends! For someone who is shy and awkward and tends to fall over things a lot, this is a new thing for me. I had a lovely chat with [ profile] mariamme last night. I've been comment spamming [ profile] xtinethepirate and [ profile] mcgarrygirl78. I found a kindred soul in [ profile] isolabela (who totally gets the knitting thing.) I have added LOTS of dollie girls (you lovely ladies know who you are! *hugs* thanks for making me feel normal!) I've met funny souls like [ profile] twofourteen who's posts make me giggle. Best of all, I've reconnected with [ profile] aoibhe, who I will never let slip away again, even if I have to superglue myself to her side. There's the old friends, the ones who I've had in my life since I was 19 and [ profile] wingsofchaos drug me, kicking and screaming, into Neopets and the Guild-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named, and straight into a bunch of of people who have become like family to me (I am looking at you, [ profile] secretchristine. <3) Sleepovers and Vegas trips and SF weekends and weddings and NC roadtrips, full of not enough sleep and too much food and the perfect amount of laughter and love. (Can you all believe it's been 7 years? I know there's a couple of years tacked on for some of you before my time, but damn! WE ARE AWESOME.) I know that there are humans at the end of each computer, with unique stories and quirks and personalities, and I hope that is something that never changes. ♥
I AM ALL OLD 'N STUFF NOW! But apart from the! workday (which ended @ 2:30, yay!) my birthday wasn't too horrible. I even got a couple of presents to open (and I have to note, just for the sheer dumb surprise of it, I was handed a box of chocolates from my father. Who I can probably count on one hand the times he has actually gotten me anything by himself. O.o weird.) Mom and dad took me out to Thai food after work (YUM!), I opened my pressies (yayayay, pretty new purse!), and got promised birthday brownies. ^^ v

Now, I am le tired. And shall retire to bed where I will obsess over the obsession with [ profile] aoibhe. Perfect end to my day. ♥

Five days off from work. VACATION STARTS NAO. For the first time in over a week, I am not stressing, freaking out, and making myself sick over the snow and trying to get to work. I don't even care that there's ANOTHER big storm headed this way. I AM FREE FOR FIVE DAYS IN A ROW.

PS: Thank you for all the well wishes! You guys rock the Facebook. SMOOOOOCHIES <333


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