It's snowing again. I know you must be sick to death of hearing me bitch about it, but believe you me, I'm MORE sick of having to bitch about it. SNOW! SNOW! ><;; I am so running away. Right now. I'm not sure I'm even going to stop to pack. Hell, I might not even bother getting dressed. That is the state of desperation that I have reached.

In random dollie news that no one but the dollie f-list girls will understand =P, I stuck a Lan Ake wig on my currently wigless Jupi because OMG THE TANGLED CURLS WERE DRIVING ME NUTS. Also, I can't afford to buy a new wig for her, and I couldn't have her running around bald, so I made do with what I had. She's pretty cute, actually, I might just keep her like this...for a while, at least. Still trying to figure out what to do with all my dolls. I have to finish Lenore, I have a wild dryad custom I have drawn out but not yet painted on, and I have dolls that I'm definitely gonna sell, some that I go back and forth on, and some that I still adore so much it's ludacris. I dunno. *sigh*

I (sorta) conquered one of my writing fears yesterday. GO ME. \o/

No seriously. It's snowing. The flakes are HUGE. Snow. SNOW. It fills me with hostility. Someone please rescue me! *flails*

I have been randomly throwing out Invader Zim quotes to any and all who will listen. I really, really need volume three. C'mon, THE GREAT FOODENING ON FOOD COURTIA! Mooshi and Spookti! HOW CAN YOU RESIST, HUMAN WORM BABY! /random geekery

And I'm out. Peace.
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( Mar. 8th, 2009 10:37 am)
Hey dollie girls: Have you seen June's Little Dal? Oh lordie, I think I have to have her. She is so pouty and sulky and BLUE. ♥ The June Little Pullip is adorable too, as I am rather fond of pink. *grabby hands* I wish these came out earlier than the first week of July, because I know of one little evil who would be getting her in Juuuuuuuune if I could. *sigh*

There is snow outside. I am unable to cope. March. IT IS FREAKING MARCH. *borrows the wifey's zen breathing* I am calm. Made a big breakfast, had coffee, and I am safely ensconced in my bedroom, there's Heart on iTunes (heee!), and am waiting for my co-conspirators to come online so I can pounce on them. Good Sunday. ♥

[edited to add that yes, once upon a time, Spring looked like it was going to visit my snow covered state]

And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils )
Today was a full day of work, which has sorta become a rare thing the past month or so. I think I can count on one hand how many full eight hour days we've had in the past couple of weeks. O.o;; Tomorrow is payday, and I'm hoping, HOPING, that the ole check isn't gonna be a joke. =P I still have bills to pay, and my glasses took all the money I was saving (and then some) to supplement this lean paycheck. ^^;; Had to take money from my AZ fund, which annoys me to no end. -_-

J. made me laugh so hard, though, that I actually cried. I don't even know how we got started, and unless you were there, me explaining it would still make no sense, but just lemme tell you: showboating finger people. *wheeze* Omg. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. IT WAS AWESOME. Somedays, it's really worth slogging through headaches and slow mornings to get those moments. =P

I think the meds are starting to work. I'm actually going to do something SOCIAL this weekend (The Watchmen movie with my lil cuz and his girlfriend on Friday.) And just a couple of weeks ago, the idea of doing anything made me have to go have a laydown. *shrugs* We'll see, still have some bad moments, since I spent Sunday night on a crying jag, but things have relatively calmed down when I got a grip and gave myself a mental slap. Sometimes, I just get so bogged down on the tiny details, on the littlest thing, and suddenly I'm off on a tangent, and I forgot to look at the big picture. Have to work on that.

Spent last night being creative. And having a blast. And wanting more (erm...should I be saying that aloud? DOES THAT MAKE ME SOUND DESPERATE?! =p)

Also, dollie peeps! I might be selling a couple of my dolls (nude, William and Celsiy) because I've discovered that I could never really get too excited about them once I had them in my hot little hands. Guess it's time to do a little thinning out of the collection (plus, I think I desperately want Melize, and I definitely need obitsus and wigs.) So if anyone is interested (Will has a slightly trimmed Lovehaze fur wig on in dark brown) lemme know. I'd rather give you girls first dibs before I put it on Shopadollics and the Pullips LJ. ^^ v
I AM ALL OLD 'N STUFF NOW! But apart from the! workday (which ended @ 2:30, yay!) my birthday wasn't too horrible. I even got a couple of presents to open (and I have to note, just for the sheer dumb surprise of it, I was handed a box of chocolates from my father. Who I can probably count on one hand the times he has actually gotten me anything by himself. O.o weird.) Mom and dad took me out to Thai food after work (YUM!), I opened my pressies (yayayay, pretty new purse!), and got promised birthday brownies. ^^ v

Now, I am le tired. And shall retire to bed where I will obsess over the obsession with [ profile] aoibhe. Perfect end to my day. ♥

Five days off from work. VACATION STARTS NAO. For the first time in over a week, I am not stressing, freaking out, and making myself sick over the snow and trying to get to work. I don't even care that there's ANOTHER big storm headed this way. I AM FREE FOR FIVE DAYS IN A ROW.

PS: Thank you for all the well wishes! You guys rock the Facebook. SMOOOOOCHIES <333


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