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( Apr. 10th, 2009 07:28 pm)
So today was pretty "meh" too, although slightly less "meh" than yesterday. Mom proceeded to scream at me for not jumping to attention and offering my laptop to her last night, and then proceeded to bitch about it this morning, to which I had to reply (twice), "Stop acting like such a damn martyr." She's pissed at my brother and my dad, and then takes it out on ME, who is ALWAYS ON HER FUCKING SIDE. I am just saying. Maybe is not good to act like a menstrual 14 year old girl to your best ally? -_-

I did, however, get a coffee smoothie from my manager, the coveted Denise Interchangable Circular Knitting Needles (the sexiest phrase ever, let me just tell you =P) with dollie money, and sushi. Also managed to race upstairs with minimal contact with my mother. Score. I am exhausted though. This week (month? MONTHS?) have just been...hard. There is very little keeping me going. I think JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE and my mini-trips to my twin and Olivia are the only things that are keeping me semi-sane. *sigh*

Am hoping my yarn for my Wrenna sweater comes tomorrow (it's the last one on the top row: Oregano. Many thanks to my ohana, [ profile] secretchristine, for finalizing on a color. ♥) I am gonna be hiding this weekend in my room methinks, and need something to keep me busy. ^^;;

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( Jan. 16th, 2009 05:58 pm)
Huzzah, finally the weekend! Am already cuddled in my pjs and have lots of dvds and books and knitting to catch up on. This weekend is for getting my stupid room rearranged so it will stop driving me crazy. ^^;; Hopefully. Which, also, will hopefully be the biggest change for this month.
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( Jan. 9th, 2009 04:54 pm)
I wonder why going to bed early (I think I was passed out before 10:20 last night) and sleeping straight through until my alarm makes for a more exhausting day than if I did my normal 3-4 times waking up during the night. It's very odd. I even had to add an extra cup of coffee to my usual routine!

So this is to be a very uninteresting post, except for the fact that I GOT COOKIES IN THE MAIL FROM DARCY. And I cannot stop eating them. SO GOOD! MADE WITH LOVE! DELICIOUS LOVE. AND SUGAR! *grin* ♥ My adoration for her knows no bounds (and not just because of the cookies. Although that helps. *grin*)

Hai guise. Hope you're all enjoying the fact that it is FRIDAY HELLS YEAH. <333
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( Nov. 21st, 2008 05:37 pm)
IS FRIDAY. This? Pleases me. Three days of work next week, but also, a pelvic ultrasound. This? Does not please me. Bah.

~ Sew!! Must find mom's sewing machine and finish up my Dal House forum swap gifties *hee*

~ Knit! I told myself that I would knit a row on my Shawl of Doom every night, and I've skipped two nights so far. MUST. FINISH. THIS. YEAR. This is my goal. If I accomplish nothing else this year, I WILL finish this shawl.

~ Clean. Bathroom. Bedroom. Boxes? Maybe. Doll shelf? Definitely.

~ Argh, find books and warm things from storage unit. I HATE not having all my stuff in one spot. STUPID ECONOMY.

~ Try not to spend money, k thx. Three days of work next week, well...mostly two and a half days of work, thanks to aforementioned ultrasound. Double bah.

~ SLEEP. 'nuff said.
IS FREAKING FRIDAY, FREAKING FINALLY! *flops over* I need to recover from the LONGEST WORK WEEK EVER. Today we were all anticipating an early day, and of course, after weeks of a whole lotta nuthin, WE GET WORK IN. On a Friday. Of course. *eyeroll*

But, at least everyone was in a good mood -- we were all like a bunch of 8 year olds on Christmas morning: the focus was not at all there. =P Hell, am just happy that people calmed the eff down and started acting like friends again. =P


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