"Dude, and no lie, the smell was enough to put a maggot off the gut wagon."

I have said it several times before. There simply is no words to describe some of the crazy shit we come up with. *gigglefit*
Wrennie: *giggle*
Wrennie: all day at work, K, J, and i have been yelling to each other, "duuuude, bra, let's get some FUCKING JAGERBOMBS!"
Aoibhe Sean: ahgahahhahahahah
Wrennie: "yeaaaah, dude, and we'll wear three polo shirts at once and pop all the collars!"
Wrennie: "duuuude, let's get some FUCKING JAGERBOMBS at FUCKING VALHALLA!"
Wrennie: /surfer voices
Wrennie: i dunno
Wrennie: i think we're beyond help
Aoibhe Sean: :))
Wrennie: the fumes *flails* have taken over
Wrennie: "fucking irish car bombs?"
Wrennie: "noooo, dude, bra! FUCKING JAGERBOMBS! AT VALHALLA!"
Wrennie: which is a dive bar somewhere
Wrennie: around
Wrennie: *handwave*
Wrennie: srsly, we beat that horse until it is GOOD AND DEAD
Wrennie: and then we keep prodding it
Wrennie: "keep being funny, horse! C'MON!"
Wrennie: ^_~
Wrennie: "K just got slapped on the Facebook."
Wrennie: "Wren at 4:42pm February 27
That was some serious pwnage, bra. Now shake it off. LET'S GO GET SOME FUCKING JAGERBOMBS!! =P"

Wrennie: yeah, i dunno =P
K: That sucks.

J: *to retainer wire* Argh, you suck.
Wren: *mock offended* I beg your pardon?!
J: I know you do. K's mom told me.
Wren: Wow, his mom really gets around.

Why do your mom comments NEVER STOP BEING FUNNY?

Also, my beloved f-list has been having some shit, a lot of it. This new year has barely started, but it's been sucking like a two-dollar hooker. Here, have a song, it totally makes me think of all of us. <333

The Weepies - Not Your Year

Your life feels like the morning after all year long )


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