Ha! I have been lamenting over my lost Stitch plushie pretty much ever since I moved back home in June. I had him in a very specific place so I could take him with me, and as usual, mom just grabbed and packed, regardless of what I wanted. BUT I FOUND HIM! It only took a few minutes of pushing and moving and cursing. Of course, it was a box at the very top in plain view, instead of the bottom where I was searching, since that seems to be the way most difficult things are. =P Oh well. I FOUND HIM! And he is ready for JUUUUUUUNE, wearing [livejournal.com profile] aoibhe, [livejournal.com profile] secretchristine, and my ohana family tree necklace. I AM SO HAPPY.

Now, am off to be full of knittiness (the moebius scarf is almost done! Mom is excited!), and take pics of some of the dolls that I am probably gonna sell. Dollie girls, nude Celsiy, Chicca, and possibly my obitsu'd Panda and my Haute NY (maybe with her glasses, even) are going up for sale probably on ShopADollic and the Pullips LJ sometime this weekend. I'm iffy on Panda and Haute NY because I really like them, but I have to prune this collection down to the ones I cannot stand to part with (namely Paja, Latte, Jupi, Frara, etc.) Plus, I need monies. *sigh* But Celsiy and Chicca for sure.
My mom bought me two sets of Barbie clothes for my Pullips (a set of fruit pajamas, and some pretty pink/green ones.) Not only are the clothes totally made of win (and made me fall back into love with my Chicca, Lu, once I redressed her), but for a woman in her 50's to buy BARBIE CLOTHES IN PUBLIC for her 26 year old daughter? To put on her much loved, but extremely expensive and probably frivolous, Pullip doll collection? She might get on my nerves from time to time (and, do to be fair, I am not the easiest person to live with at the moment, with all this PCOS bullshit making me moodier than a 13 year old on the rag for the first time) but man, do I love that woman. ♥ Also spent the birthday cash portion of my father's unexpected gift on a new DS game, because while I love Sudoku and Cooking Mama 2, I needed something different. Got The Urbz: Sims in the City. WOOT.

Now, I'm done with spending. No really. =P Met up with Christina last night, and she surprised me with sushi Re-ment (#2 What Dad Enjoys), tiny pirate devil ducks, skull and crossbones pirate ice cube tray, and THE MOST FABULOUS TINY PINK FELT ELEPHANT YOU EVER DID SEE. Omg, I am so in love. It fits right in with the narwhal she made me earlier this year, and the knitted llama from Peru that [livejournal.com profile] wingsofchaos brought back for me. <333 Now, if I only had a camera that worked, I would celebrate by taking pictures. *sigh* She sent me a .pdf of all the stuff she's selling now, so I promised to pimp her because really...her stuff is so cute. I cannot wait to force her into finally opening her etsy shop. *grin*

I fully plan on starting another set of Fetching fingerless mitts (I actually managed to get [livejournal.com profile] aoibhe's finished and sent out in the mail yesterday! HEE FOR GETTING SOMETHING ACCOMPLISHED!), finish up that row on the Shawl of Doom that I've been neglecting for at least a week, and maybe start in on a scarf (for my mom. Because as much as I want to get started on my Noro Silk Garden striped one, I HAVE OTHER THINGS I NEED TO FINISH FIRST. *whimpers*)
Hn. It seems like once it hits a certain time, BAM!, the internet mysteriously works again. Unfortunately, the modem they're looking at is in MY BEDROOM, and I was told that I needed to clean it up. Dude, I've had boxes in my room since I moved back home in freakin' June. Honestly. I would clean up if I HAD SOME PLACE TO PUT ALL THIS STUFF. *ahem* Have I mentioned that I miss my apartment? *kicks economy and rising rent* Bah. Am sorta in a...well, a FUNK. Have been coasting along for the past couple of days, but am feeling out of place and disjointed and basically pretty blah all around.

Tried to do a bit of customizing on my bait Pullip, but ended up just wiping everything off and so she's blank-faced again. BUT! Last night, I found a nearly complete Paja stock for sale (!!!) and managed to snap it up before anyone else. It's got everything but the mug, and really? THE MUG IS THE LEAST OF IT. Complete dino suit, the crescent moon pillow, her dino plushie, even her socks and cutiepants pjs. SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT. Traded a blonde mohair wig to a girl on Dolly Market for a looooong black wig -- hence the needing to get my bait Pullip's faceup DONE. Need to find some maroon-colored wefts to sew into it, so that even if Lenore doesn't have her face done, or her obitsu body, or even clothes, at least she'll have SOMETHING that's complete. =P
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( Jun. 24th, 2008 02:48 pm)
For those of you who have sold/bought/traded something with me, if you would be so kind as to leave a little note, that would be muchly appreciated! ^^ v It can be here (especially for LJ-related sales) or over at my Dolly Market Feedback thread. Thanks! <3

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