Oh Friday, how I wish you were today! Tired. Grumpy (um...this seems to be a theme recently?) Tired. Oh wait, I said that already. =P This is a useless post. I go to bed now.
My father is a fucking tool. That is all.

...well, not totally all. My friends are my family, and there are a few that I consider "blood" and they mean more to me than anyone I just happen to be related to. I was not born into this close-knit family, and I am most definitely the black sheep on both sides. I have little to no real emotional connection to my father (and, I guess in his defense, he has little to no emotional connection to me, so it all sort of evens out =P) other than anger and disgust. There are times when I can tolerate him, though. Mostly, I just hope to never turn into what he is, which is distant, close-minded, and frankly, a huge asshole. /gets off soapbox

In other news, I talked to my co-worker and cleared the air between us. Made sure she knew that what she had said a couple days ago was NOT COOL, NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT, and explained a few things to her. So at least there's that. This has been a long fucking week, and I am just...so ready for the weekend. *flopsover* Srsly, it's like when work is slow, people need to make up drama just to have something to do. I AM SO DONE WITH THIS, PEOPLE. Just act like freakin' adults, FOR ONCE, oh my GOD, REALLY.


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