I HAVE SUCCEEDED WITH MOEBIUS KNITTING! Lost a couple of stitches in the process, but it's there now, and flowing nicely, and I can finally discharge one of my long-standing knitting debts (scarf for mi mama.) HA! Take THAT seemingly impossible knitting technique!

I feel somewhat accomplished this month, actually. Even if it's "only knitting", and hell, something I enjoy, I slogged through the Shawl of Doom, didn't immediately scrap the Scarf of Calamity when it got tough, have devious plots in the process of being carried out, pulled out my spindle for another go at hand spinning, and tackled the moebius knitting cast on. Life may be throwing bits of ennui my way, but by Gods, I FINISHED SOMETHING. *triumph*

Also? I miss my ohana. I really, really, REALLY do. *sniffle* Luckily, I have a couple of trips inbetween now and JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE to take a bit of the edge off. My twin [livejournal.com profile] isolabela and I are planning a three day weekend of Zebra cakes, caffeine, anime, and knitting in April. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. *is already packed* I've got another three day weekend in May with one of my closest friends, Liv, in Portland, OR. She and I always manage to have fun together, even if we're just sprawled around her living room, watching America's Next Top Model marathons in our pajamas, eating ice cream. And then, a week full of ohana, Sedona, tattoos, and complete and utter havoc (the GOOD kind of havoc, mind) in JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE. I get melancholy from time to time, you guys, but I know I've got friends and family who love me. AND I LOVE YOU GUYS RIGHT BACK! *smooches* I must've done something really good in a previous life, to have you people in my life. <333
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( Mar. 30th, 2009 01:51 pm)
Sickly sickly sickly. I hate my stomach so much, I can't even put it into words. I might have to invent some just to convey HOW MUCH I hate my stomach. Just know that it is very.

Work got out at 1pm. Managed to get a ride home with my dad since hanging around downtown with the usual stomach ickiness was just not gonna happen, thankyouverymuch. Have I mentioned that I hate my stomach?
[Tarot.com Capricorn Horoscope] Throw away those astrology textbooks that say you Goats don't know how to have fun. Although you are capable of delaying your personal gratification when necessary, you also know when to put pleasure ahead of work. Luckily, this is one of those days when you can set the standard and others might have a hard time keeping up with you. But don't worry about everyone else; for now, just sing and dance as if you have been practicing for this moment all your life.

WOOORD. Damn you astrology, I AM FUN. *giggle* Speaking of fun, am going geochaching in Seattle for the day with C. and her college gang for one of their birthdays. And then off to Buca di Beppos for dinner. Hee!

Just want to note that after having, really, a lackluster week, [livejournal.com profile] aoibhe and [livejournal.com profile] secretchristine perked me up yesterday. Althought I think I'm more homesick than ever. =P And it sucks that it's Sunday, but I think I see sunshine peeking in through my blinds. Just keep on shinin', sun.
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( Mar. 28th, 2009 04:22 pm)
Went to craft store today with an increasingly whiney mother (honestly, when did she become a five year old? Can someone tell me this please?) and got more pink yarn, shorter knitting needles for my two scarf projects (10" as opposed to 14" lengths. It's just SO MUCH EASIER to knit when you don't have these huge ass needles to deal with, getting in the way of things like arms. =p Both projects have been successfully transferred to the new knitting needles), and memory wire/memory wire cutters to make beaded headbands for my dolls (okay, so I totally geeked out today. Sue me. =p) I also got phone calls from [livejournal.com profile] secretchristine and [livejournal.com profile] aoibhe. The rest of you, be jealous of my awesomeness. *giggle*

As for the pink yarn, I got it for my pink moebius shoulder bag. Now, I love YouTube. Not only does it bring me random clips of Dean Winchester being hot, and Sam losing his shoe, but it shows me the one knitting technique I was dying to learn, and couldn't for the life of me figure out. Cat Bordhi, you're my hero. *salutes*

Moebius knitting IS SO COOL )
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( Mar. 27th, 2009 03:57 pm)
Tarot.com Capricorn Horoscope: Although you are at the beginning of a long-lasting and dramatic metamorphosis that will alter the direction of your life, today may highlight one of the issues that you are facing. A close personal friend might say something that pushes an emotional button for you now, causing you to turn a minor disagreement into a major conflict. But there is an alternative response. You don't need to succumb to fear or negativity; create a foundation based on love instead.

That's it. None of you are allowed to push emotional buttons. I AM WATCHING YOU! *eyes f-list* =P
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( Mar. 26th, 2009 03:51 pm)
Today was the morning of insanely pissy co-workers.

...is it Friday yet?
There are days, people, when I cannot handle my mother. Today is one of those days. Normally, I adore the woman. I love her. She's my mom.

Right now though? I want to drive her to the middle of nowhere, kick her out of the car, and make her walk home. SO. ANNOYING. It's like I'm a teenager again. Please, lady, I am 26 now. Just because I live at home again, doesn't mean that I'm "just your dumb kid", capiche? Jaysus. ><;;

...I totally bought chocolate. FYI. Though one of the things I got had some coconut hidden in there. I think it's a testament to how very blah (it certainly wasn't that elusive maturity) I am today when I didn't even flip out and just continued to munch it until it was gone. =P I am, however, planning on eating the Cadbury bar in its entirety while slugging in bed in front of The West Wing. This is despite the fact that in order for Plotty Plots that are Plotty to occur, I have to actually finish up some projects before the end of March (okay...maybe the beginning of April.) I am just done for today. Peace out.

Speaking of which, I managed to not completely eff up an entire pattern repeat on the Scarf of Calamity. I almost did, I really really tried to eff up the very last lace row before the pattern repeat was finished, but I was totally zen and managed to unknit and reknit in the correct order the offending stitches. Oh yes. I shall prevail.
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( Mar. 23rd, 2009 04:43 pm)
Yanno, even when Mondays aren't horrible, I still can't seem to like it. =P It wasn't horrible, btw, but it was...yanno. The day after Sunday. And really, what more do I have to say?

In Dollie Selling News, [livejournal.com profile] yuhime gets my Favorite F-Lister of the Day award, as she is buying my William Taeyang from me and YAY! \o/ There might be more dolls on the selling block than the previous two.

And um...that's about it. Nothing interesting happened today, nothing awful, I have days to ask off for tomorrow (April and May; JUUUUUUUNE days off have been taken care of for MONTHS *giggle*), and I think I'm finally getting use to my glasses. I am consumed by knitting projects and plots of (not really) Evilness and avoiding cleaning my bathroom because I'm SO. VERY. LAZY. I mean honestly, today? I got nuthin. *grin*

Hey, f-list, tell me something good about your day today! ♥
I hate being awake this early on a weekend. Because I know that I'm gonna be up at four tomorrow morning going, GAHHHHHHHH! *grin* Had delicious burger with my cousin and his gf last night. Found out (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] aoibhe!) that mixing booze and my meds could equal seizures so um...there went THAT idea. ^^;; Then we went out to Cold Stone, and since Alex bought everyone dinner, I treated to ice cream (I got strawberry with kitkats. MMMM! Best thing? Their strawberry ice cream doesn't have fruit chunks! SCORE!) Came back home to chill at my house, and then they left, and I crawled into bed at nine. BECAUSE I AM OLD AND TIRED. =P Curled up with the book I got on Friday, Spinning The Old Way, since I have a high-whorl/top-drop spindle and don't have the money or the space for a spinning wheel. Figured that I could get all the pretty hand-dyed rovings from my favorite etsy shop and learn to spin correctly and on my own. ^^ v I have a few attempts already - three to be exact - and two are too bulky and blah. The third is still a bulkier weight than I wanted, but it's a little better.

Think today is errand day. Going to hit Redmond and get some desperately needed new clothing items (yay!) and some shorter knitting needles (double yay!) and spend the rest of the day lingering on the computer and knitting. Don't have plans to do anything outside of shopping, so I can curl up in jammies all day long before I have to start yet another work week. -_-

I have just about three pattern repeats of the lace scarf. I have plans for this scarf. I'm hoping to get it done by the end of this month. PLANS I SAY.

Off to eat fud and get ready to be seen in public. I guess frog jammies and bedhead and glasses aren't socially accepted yet. =P
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( Mar. 21st, 2009 01:12 pm)
>< My teeth hurt. *whine* Tell me how I can have an excellent dentist visit, get tons and tons of compliments on how lovely and clean my teeth are, and walk out unable to chew food?! GAH. I AM HUNGRY AND I CANNOT CHEW. *grumps* Hate, hate, hate the dentist! ><

Am going to Red Hook with Alex and his gf tonight, and I better be able to chew by then! ><;;;
Note to self: It is probably wise, while in mixed company, to keep your intense dislike for Twilight and The Author at a minimum. You never know who you're going to offend, and make for an awkward dinner for yourself. ^^;;;

Heh. Yeah.
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( Mar. 19th, 2009 04:55 pm)
SO. TIRED. *falls asleep*

Also? I need something new to knit. I have a pair of mitts on the needles (this pattern, Fetching, always goes quickly for me. One down, one to go!) and my self-striping Noro Silk Garden scarf (slowly growing. I need shorter US7 needles), but people...I NEED MORE. The Shawl of Doom is finished. I have a bunch of yarn that I should, really, be USING. My hands, they long for something new. *sigh* I'm not sure I'm up for something epic like the SoD, but I think I might be a lace convert, surprisingly enough. (I know, I'm as surprised as you!) I have a bunch of worsted weight wool, a bunch of fingering, even a couple skeins of sock yarn. And, as it so happens, I have a skein and a half of the garnet alpaca I used for the SoD that I sorta wanna make something out of...*sigh* SOMETHING NEW. PLEASE?

[edit 5:14pm] Actually, I think I'm gonna use my leftover alpaca for this scarf.
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( Mar. 18th, 2009 04:29 pm)
We have no bleach at work. People, I work with things that WERE IN PEOPLE'S MOUTHS. Like, mouth juice and gaaaaah *shudder* and my boss cannot be arsed to bring in a bottle of bleach. We asked MONDAY when we ran out. We are using the same bleach from MONDAY MORNING. THIS IS SO GROSS. I really don't want like...the hanta virus. Or ebola. Please to bring our things NAO. *gags*

In other non-ranty work things...I had the best time last night, comment!spamming mah peeps and giggling with the wifey and basically having a wonderful night. I haven't had that in a long time. You guys know who you are, THANK YOU FOR THAT. If I could, I would knit you all mittens and bake you all cookies. ♥
Am downloading ep 9 of Criminal Minds season 4, I've got most of the first fingerless mitt finished on the needles, and corned beef downstairs waiting to be nommed. Unfortunately, NO BEER. But, yanno, it's not awful =P
I am feeling...I dunno. Lonely, might be a good word. All my good friends, all the people I have any sort of thing in common with, who "get" this person called Wren, are scattered to the four corners of the world, and today...hn. It just sorta hit me hard. How much I miss people. How much I miss people I've never even met. It might be because I was sorta psyched to go out with C. and her college gang - they are the close, tight-knit group of friends that I always longed for in school and even now as an adult. C. unfortunately got really sick (on her birthday, no doubt) so the plans were dropped. I just wish there were more than three people here, that I only see on an infrequent basis.

Oh well. I have trips to look forward to in the upcoming months (TWIN! OLIVIA! JUUUUUUNE WITH THE OHANA!!) but it seems so faaaaar. *whine* There are days when I just need a real life hug, and today might be that day. *shrugs*

So, it's probably West Wing, continue dling Criminal Minds season 4, knitting something random, and possibly something sugary to take the edge off the day. ♥♥♥
It's snowing again. I know you must be sick to death of hearing me bitch about it, but believe you me, I'm MORE sick of having to bitch about it. SNOW! SNOW! ><;; I am so running away. Right now. I'm not sure I'm even going to stop to pack. Hell, I might not even bother getting dressed. That is the state of desperation that I have reached.

In random dollie news that no one but the dollie f-list girls will understand =P, I stuck a Lan Ake wig on my currently wigless Jupi because OMG THE TANGLED CURLS WERE DRIVING ME NUTS. Also, I can't afford to buy a new wig for her, and I couldn't have her running around bald, so I made do with what I had. She's pretty cute, actually, I might just keep her like this...for a while, at least. Still trying to figure out what to do with all my dolls. I have to finish Lenore, I have a wild dryad custom I have drawn out but not yet painted on, and I have dolls that I'm definitely gonna sell, some that I go back and forth on, and some that I still adore so much it's ludacris. I dunno. *sigh*

I (sorta) conquered one of my writing fears yesterday. GO ME. \o/

No seriously. It's snowing. The flakes are HUGE. Snow. SNOW. It fills me with hostility. Someone please rescue me! *flails*

I have been randomly throwing out Invader Zim quotes to any and all who will listen. I really, really need volume three. C'mon, THE GREAT FOODENING ON FOOD COURTIA! Mooshi and Spookti! HOW CAN YOU RESIST, HUMAN WORM BABY! /random geekery

And I'm out. Peace.
I am having trouble with the actual perscription part of my glasses, just a little. I think I've been holding things close to my face for so long, that everything now, when I look through my 'script, seems really blurry. I have to find the perfect distance, because too far away is just as blurry as too close. =P

Went out to dinner last night with my little cousin, Alex. (And when I say "little", I mean that he's 22 and 6 feet. *grin*) We were going to meet his girlfriend at Red Hook for dinner, and she called up to say her car died and she had coasted in neutral for nearly two miles until she found a place to pull into, at a BoA branch. When we were trying to push her truck into a parking space that the bank had kindly said we could use, and older man jumped out of his car and started to help us. It was determined that the car needed oil since it was completely out, and he said he would wait next to it while we ran and got oil for it. He stayed with the truck, and us, for almost an hour, listening to the motor, looking under the hood, just being a decent, nice guy. It sorta restored my faith in humanity, just a little...at least for the night.

Today is my friend, C.'s, 26th birthday and I'm suppose to go out with her later on in the afternoon before her party to check out her new apartment and then head with her to dinner with her gang, and I haven't heard a word from her all week! =P Guess I'm gonna have to call her in another hour or so, wake her up, and see what the deal is. I don't understand it though, no one wants to hang with my ass for MONTHS, and all of a sudden, I've got party invites all this month and then Tacoma and Portland with my twin, [livejournal.com profile] isolabela and my friend Liv and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS SUDDEN POPULARITY. *grin* A lot of me wants to hunker down for the weekends and write obsessively with the co-conspirators, but I think the meds are working, and going out and doing social things doesn't seem so unappealing and crippling. *sigh* Am still hoping that it's not a late night tonight. I MISS MAH WIFEY! *clings to [livejournal.com profile] aoibhe*
Disclaimer: Please ignore the bad skin, no makeup, omg-Wren-desperately-needs-a-haircut hairstyle, and general exhaustion due to end of the weekness! =P

hey there, four eyes... )
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( Mar. 12th, 2009 03:28 pm)
Things Wren Learned Today:

~ Dubiously aged soy milk does not taste even a little bit good in break room coffee. Blech.

~ I hate, HATE, when sandwich fixin's slide to one side when I'm trying to eat it.

~ Thursdays, when I had extra money to spend, use to be my buy-fancy-coffee-in-the-middle-of-the-day day for a reason: by the end of the week, IRRITABLE WREN IS IRRITABLE. ^^;;

~ Medical "charity" paperwork and the endless string of flaming hoops they make you jump through can all kiss my fat, pasty ass. I didn't want effing charity, I just wanted three extra months to pay off my bill in full. -_-;;

~ I might be the only person in existance who feels this way, but watching some of my co-workers take a heaping spoonful of peanut butter and eat it plain, right off the spoon like a lollypop, makes me want to vomit a little in my mouth. ^^;; Just thinking about it now makes me shudder.

~ Any song with the lyrics "dance, fucker, dance" is a song that will never fail to get stuck in my head at inapropriate work situations.

Also? I want teriyaki. ><;;

ps: I want to knit these socks in bright ass freaking pink and these fingerless mitts. WAH. *hides credit card*


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