It's snowing again. I know you must be sick to death of hearing me bitch about it, but believe you me, I'm MORE sick of having to bitch about it. SNOW! SNOW! ><;; I am so running away. Right now. I'm not sure I'm even going to stop to pack. Hell, I might not even bother getting dressed. That is the state of desperation that I have reached.

In random dollie news that no one but the dollie f-list girls will understand =P, I stuck a Lan Ake wig on my currently wigless Jupi because OMG THE TANGLED CURLS WERE DRIVING ME NUTS. Also, I can't afford to buy a new wig for her, and I couldn't have her running around bald, so I made do with what I had. She's pretty cute, actually, I might just keep her like this...for a while, at least. Still trying to figure out what to do with all my dolls. I have to finish Lenore, I have a wild dryad custom I have drawn out but not yet painted on, and I have dolls that I'm definitely gonna sell, some that I go back and forth on, and some that I still adore so much it's ludacris. I dunno. *sigh*

I (sorta) conquered one of my writing fears yesterday. GO ME. \o/

No seriously. It's snowing. The flakes are HUGE. Snow. SNOW. It fills me with hostility. Someone please rescue me! *flails*

I have been randomly throwing out Invader Zim quotes to any and all who will listen. I really, really need volume three. C'mon, THE GREAT FOODENING ON FOOD COURTIA! Mooshi and Spookti! HOW CAN YOU RESIST, HUMAN WORM BABY! /random geekery

And I'm out. Peace.
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( Jan. 25th, 2009 09:57 am)
I had weird dreams about my mom breaking everything I own. And then I wake up to find SNOW ALL OVER THE PLACE. And it's SNOWING MORE NOW. -_- *flails*
Figured I'd better make my last post of 2008. Today, my manager was back at work, and my boss wasn't there. Chaos ensued, as is the case when my manager is running things again. Had gotten use to the order and routine of having the bosslady for the past couple of weeks, so it was...annoying, to put it nicely, when I got blamed (however miniscule) for her not being ready for me. Bah. *handwave* Anyway...

Still had to get up early and take a shower and go into work today, which was also annoying. =P Only worked about three and a half hours, which seemed SO LONG and yet FLEW BY at the same time. Went to grocery store, picked up stuff for my favorite red beers, and came home to slip into jammies and veg out in front of the laptop with mah wife [ profile] aoibhe and let the newest TV obsession (Criminal Minds *le sigh* ^_~) take over. Took a nap (too long of a nap, but at least I'll be able to stay awake until midnight maybe?) and fully plan on bugging Eva, drink red beers, and eat popcorn. Hells. Yes.

I doubt I'm going to make any resolutions. I never follow through, and I think that it's too stressful to deal with the failure when I've already got stress enough. =P Doctor appointment on Friday morning, holy rescheduling Batman!, this will be the 4th time I've had to move it because of ALL THIS FUCKING SNOW. =P But I'm not bitter in the least.

I know I skipped a couple of blogging days for the 8 days meme, but I'm gonna continue on, damn it:

~ The roads are finally clear, and the car can finally get out of the driveway. HUZZAH!!

~ Sometimes tears are good, and I got to remember that last night. A new growth opportunity, and remembering that sometimes, you have to swallow your pride and admit you're stupid from time to time. <3

~ FOUR DAY WEEKEND. It still sucks that it's unpaid, BUT I DON'T CARE RIGHT NOW. The muses are primed for a couple of days of plotting and writing. CREATIVITY. ENTHUSIASM. I HAVE MISSED YOU.
Horrible, awful freaking Christmas. I AM SO GLAD IT'S OVER. Didn't sleep well that night, and woke up around 5:20am to get a drink of water. Had just settled back into my bed when BOOM. My air filter, and clock went out. I couldn't figure out what seemed wrong until I noticed that there was no noise. I had a fit. Laying in bed. An absolute fit. Mom woke up in the next room and immediately called the power company to let them know. Cut to 6pm, after a day of getting another 8 inches of snow, in a cold, dark house on Christmas effing day. (We're up to two feet now, for those playing along at home.) Then my internet decided to be sluggish and really, I was just so cold and exhausted and miserable, I started to cry. It's a little ridiculous to think about right now, but dude, I was so done by then. These past two weeks have just knocked me on my ass.

But, I took a nice hot shower, used new bath stuffies, and cuddled down with internet, mah wifey, Criminal Minds, and flannel jammies. So while the day sucked, at least the night was good.

AND! I just saw that I was tagged by [ profile] vomviersen for the 8 Days of Things That Make You Happy Meme! (Okay, so I'm a little slow and sorta been wallowing in self-pity. I guess this is a good thing to try. =P)

So my things for today:

~ NO SNOW! Yes, I finally woke up and DIDN'T see snow falling from the sky. And, the most beautiful news of all, a new storm is coming in and it's gonna be ALL RAIN. I've never been as happy to hear the word "rain" than I am right now. (I will ignore the ZOMG!FLOODING that will happen after it rains. Still. NOT SNOW.)

~ For the first time in years (I wanna say closer to 20, but it's probably more like 15) my father actually surprised everyone for Christmas. I got $100 in my stocking (half for my birthday, half for Christmas), Nate got $50, and mom got really good seats with my aunt to go see Seven Brides For Seven Brothers in Seattle tomorrow night (she and I wanted to do that for my birthday, but it was too expensive for all the tickets, and then the snow, and it just didn't pan out.) My father and I really don't get along - he doesn't really get along with any of us - so this was shocking in a good way.

~ A hot shower last night that made all my tears go away. Watching Criminal Minds with [ profile] aoibhe until late. Having my power and internet back. SO. GLAD.

~ My awful twin, [ profile] isolabela, gets to play in the desert with [ profile] aoibhe and [ profile] secretchristine, and while most people I would begrudge out of pure jealousy, I adore Emily and just wish I could be there too! MAH GIRLIES! LET ME SNUGGLE YOU! *loves* HAVE FUN, DARLING ♥
The color white is beginning to make me hostile.

I can't knit on my mittens, because they're white yarn, with this sparkly thread running through it. LOOKS TOO MUCH LIKE SNOW.

We're up to 15 inches and counting. Send help. *flails*

oh, Happy Christmas Eve.

[edit] Because my sister freaking rocks:

[ profile] glomptackle: Ikr? Am all merry Christmas! Fuck off!

Because I finally downloaded this song BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH! Everlast - Black Jesus. I dunno. Apparently I'm secretly a rap fan or something. *shrugs* I just got myself a new ringtone for my phone - went from Kansas (Carry On Wayward Son) to Boston (Foreplay/Long Time) so this obsession that I've sorta always had with Everlast just doesn't make sense. Oh well. You guys benefit from my musical ADD. =P


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