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( Apr. 10th, 2009 07:28 pm)
So today was pretty "meh" too, although slightly less "meh" than yesterday. Mom proceeded to scream at me for not jumping to attention and offering my laptop to her last night, and then proceeded to bitch about it this morning, to which I had to reply (twice), "Stop acting like such a damn martyr." She's pissed at my brother and my dad, and then takes it out on ME, who is ALWAYS ON HER FUCKING SIDE. I am just saying. Maybe is not good to act like a menstrual 14 year old girl to your best ally? -_-

I did, however, get a coffee smoothie from my manager, the coveted Denise Interchangable Circular Knitting Needles (the sexiest phrase ever, let me just tell you =P) with dollie money, and sushi. Also managed to race upstairs with minimal contact with my mother. Score. I am exhausted though. This week (month? MONTHS?) have just been...hard. There is very little keeping me going. I think JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE and my mini-trips to my twin and Olivia are the only things that are keeping me semi-sane. *sigh*

Am hoping my yarn for my Wrenna sweater comes tomorrow (it's the last one on the top row: Oregano. Many thanks to my ohana, [ profile] secretchristine, for finalizing on a color. ♥) I am gonna be hiding this weekend in my room methinks, and need something to keep me busy. ^^;;

I hate being awake this early on a weekend. Because I know that I'm gonna be up at four tomorrow morning going, GAHHHHHHHH! *grin* Had delicious burger with my cousin and his gf last night. Found out (thanks to [ profile] aoibhe!) that mixing booze and my meds could equal seizures so um...there went THAT idea. ^^;; Then we went out to Cold Stone, and since Alex bought everyone dinner, I treated to ice cream (I got strawberry with kitkats. MMMM! Best thing? Their strawberry ice cream doesn't have fruit chunks! SCORE!) Came back home to chill at my house, and then they left, and I crawled into bed at nine. BECAUSE I AM OLD AND TIRED. =P Curled up with the book I got on Friday, Spinning The Old Way, since I have a high-whorl/top-drop spindle and don't have the money or the space for a spinning wheel. Figured that I could get all the pretty hand-dyed rovings from my favorite etsy shop and learn to spin correctly and on my own. ^^ v I have a few attempts already - three to be exact - and two are too bulky and blah. The third is still a bulkier weight than I wanted, but it's a little better.

Think today is errand day. Going to hit Redmond and get some desperately needed new clothing items (yay!) and some shorter knitting needles (double yay!) and spend the rest of the day lingering on the computer and knitting. Don't have plans to do anything outside of shopping, so I can curl up in jammies all day long before I have to start yet another work week. -_-

I have just about three pattern repeats of the lace scarf. I have plans for this scarf. I'm hoping to get it done by the end of this month. PLANS I SAY.

Off to eat fud and get ready to be seen in public. I guess frog jammies and bedhead and glasses aren't socially accepted yet. =P


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