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( Apr. 10th, 2009 07:28 pm)
So today was pretty "meh" too, although slightly less "meh" than yesterday. Mom proceeded to scream at me for not jumping to attention and offering my laptop to her last night, and then proceeded to bitch about it this morning, to which I had to reply (twice), "Stop acting like such a damn martyr." She's pissed at my brother and my dad, and then takes it out on ME, who is ALWAYS ON HER FUCKING SIDE. I am just saying. Maybe is not good to act like a menstrual 14 year old girl to your best ally? -_-

I did, however, get a coffee smoothie from my manager, the coveted Denise Interchangable Circular Knitting Needles (the sexiest phrase ever, let me just tell you =P) with dollie money, and sushi. Also managed to race upstairs with minimal contact with my mother. Score. I am exhausted though. This week (month? MONTHS?) have just been...hard. There is very little keeping me going. I think JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE and my mini-trips to my twin and Olivia are the only things that are keeping me semi-sane. *sigh*

Am hoping my yarn for my Wrenna sweater comes tomorrow (it's the last one on the top row: Oregano. Many thanks to my ohana, [ profile] secretchristine, for finalizing on a color. ♥) I am gonna be hiding this weekend in my room methinks, and need something to keep me busy. ^^;;

Mostly because I don't have anything of the slightest bit of interest to talk about -- I played office drone and did bitchwork in the lab, nothing very exciting. But it feels weird not to post, thanks to NaBloPoMo, so while I don't intend on doing it this month, I might just as well for all the good it's gonna do me. =P Also, since I have this domain laying dormant, I might move all my knitting/craft stuff there, but yanno...that requires a) techie people to help, b) ditto on graphics-y people, c) vastly more webspace, and d) slightly more gumption than I've got at this point. =P

So instead, I give you... MOEBIUS SCARF. Pee Ess: Who wants to be my sugar mama/daddy and get me these? *drools* Lordy, I looked at Addi Turbos at the store last weekend...well over $20 for a single circular needle? Not just no, HELL NO. *grin*

Wren's photog skills leave much to the imagination... )
I HAVE SUCCEEDED WITH MOEBIUS KNITTING! Lost a couple of stitches in the process, but it's there now, and flowing nicely, and I can finally discharge one of my long-standing knitting debts (scarf for mi mama.) HA! Take THAT seemingly impossible knitting technique!

I feel somewhat accomplished this month, actually. Even if it's "only knitting", and hell, something I enjoy, I slogged through the Shawl of Doom, didn't immediately scrap the Scarf of Calamity when it got tough, have devious plots in the process of being carried out, pulled out my spindle for another go at hand spinning, and tackled the moebius knitting cast on. Life may be throwing bits of ennui my way, but by Gods, I FINISHED SOMETHING. *triumph*

Also? I miss my ohana. I really, really, REALLY do. *sniffle* Luckily, I have a couple of trips inbetween now and JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE to take a bit of the edge off. My twin [ profile] isolabela and I are planning a three day weekend of Zebra cakes, caffeine, anime, and knitting in April. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. *is already packed* I've got another three day weekend in May with one of my closest friends, Liv, in Portland, OR. She and I always manage to have fun together, even if we're just sprawled around her living room, watching America's Next Top Model marathons in our pajamas, eating ice cream. And then, a week full of ohana, Sedona, tattoos, and complete and utter havoc (the GOOD kind of havoc, mind) in JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE. I get melancholy from time to time, you guys, but I know I've got friends and family who love me. AND I LOVE YOU GUYS RIGHT BACK! *smooches* I must've done something really good in a previous life, to have you people in my life. <333
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( Mar. 28th, 2009 04:22 pm)
Went to craft store today with an increasingly whiney mother (honestly, when did she become a five year old? Can someone tell me this please?) and got more pink yarn, shorter knitting needles for my two scarf projects (10" as opposed to 14" lengths. It's just SO MUCH EASIER to knit when you don't have these huge ass needles to deal with, getting in the way of things like arms. =p Both projects have been successfully transferred to the new knitting needles), and memory wire/memory wire cutters to make beaded headbands for my dolls (okay, so I totally geeked out today. Sue me. =p) I also got phone calls from [ profile] secretchristine and [ profile] aoibhe. The rest of you, be jealous of my awesomeness. *giggle*

As for the pink yarn, I got it for my pink moebius shoulder bag. Now, I love YouTube. Not only does it bring me random clips of Dean Winchester being hot, and Sam losing his shoe, but it shows me the one knitting technique I was dying to learn, and couldn't for the life of me figure out. Cat Bordhi, you're my hero. *salutes*

Moebius knitting IS SO COOL )
...I totally bought chocolate. FYI. Though one of the things I got had some coconut hidden in there. I think it's a testament to how very blah (it certainly wasn't that elusive maturity) I am today when I didn't even flip out and just continued to munch it until it was gone. =P I am, however, planning on eating the Cadbury bar in its entirety while slugging in bed in front of The West Wing. This is despite the fact that in order for Plotty Plots that are Plotty to occur, I have to actually finish up some projects before the end of March (okay...maybe the beginning of April.) I am just done for today. Peace out.

Speaking of which, I managed to not completely eff up an entire pattern repeat on the Scarf of Calamity. I almost did, I really really tried to eff up the very last lace row before the pattern repeat was finished, but I was totally zen and managed to unknit and reknit in the correct order the offending stitches. Oh yes. I shall prevail.
Because I'm very obviously on a knitting jag right now, and you all are cheaper than the therapy I so desperately need =P :

Lace and knitting related rants under here... )
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( Mar. 19th, 2009 04:55 pm)
SO. TIRED. *falls asleep*

Also? I need something new to knit. I have a pair of mitts on the needles (this pattern, Fetching, always goes quickly for me. One down, one to go!) and my self-striping Noro Silk Garden scarf (slowly growing. I need shorter US7 needles), but people...I NEED MORE. The Shawl of Doom is finished. I have a bunch of yarn that I should, really, be USING. My hands, they long for something new. *sigh* I'm not sure I'm up for something epic like the SoD, but I think I might be a lace convert, surprisingly enough. (I know, I'm as surprised as you!) I have a bunch of worsted weight wool, a bunch of fingering, even a couple skeins of sock yarn. And, as it so happens, I have a skein and a half of the garnet alpaca I used for the SoD that I sorta wanna make something out of...*sigh* SOMETHING NEW. PLEASE?

[edit 5:14pm] Actually, I think I'm gonna use my leftover alpaca for this scarf.
Basically, it's been a crap day. Oh well. My father, in a rare and extremely unexpected burst of fatherly attention, built me a bed frame for my mattress. O.o;; Who is this man, and what has he done with my REAL father? So I sit on a REAL BED, with knitting, season one of The West Wing, and a little pictorial offering...

I'm gonna sing the Doom Song... )

[edit 9:19pm] And apparently our flight schedule has changed for AZ in June. -_- This? A happy birdie does not make. *le sigh* I AM SO GOING TO BED NOW. Freakin' a.
So I trawled the yarn bag this morning, and found that I am shameless and wanton in my project consumption. For part of my therapy, I must tell the sad tales of my inexcusably wanton behavior, in hopes that I can someday be forgiven. =P

Case in point )

1) Flower Petal Shawl: I saw this and knew I had to have it. It looks more spiderwebby and faerie-like to me than flowery, and that color, OH THAT COLOR. It's so gorgeous, I got the exact yarn in that color. It's like garnets, my favorite gemstone. And yet, two years of attempting to knit this, and even being on the LAST PAGE OF INSTRUCTIONS, it's still languishing away. *le sigh* I actually contemplated cleaning my bathroom before getting up the nerve to pull this bad boy out of the bag for the group shot. That, children, is called AVOIDANCE. I am going to at least, at least, finish up the PURLING ROW that I've been on for about...8 months now. (Yes, a straight purling row. No yarnovers. No lacework. Not even the slighest big of counting involved. And yet? It sits there. *sigh*)

2) Fluffy Cuff Mittens (Stitch 'n Bitch): These (well, at least the first mitten at any rate -- unfortunately, these things come in pairs) actually have a shot of getting finished. See that random blue line of stitches amidst the sparkly white? That is the thumb hole. I've only got a couple of inches of straight knitting in the round until I shape for the end of the hand and pick up the thumb stitches. With large double-point needles and bulky yarn, this is the work of minutes, not days.

3) A striped doll scarf for Crinkle: This also will get finished. I have only a few more stripes to go. And since it's for someone else and a swap at that, it WILL get finished. Probably in the next couple of days. There are no worries here.

4) Fetching Mitts: I went on an intense Fetching knitting jag last fall/winter, and even managed to knit not only a pair for ME (which I cannot find since my move, and it is bugging the holy hell out of me ><), but a lovely warm-weather-friendly pair for [ profile] secretchristine. I will ignore the other two pairs that ended up...slightly awry. (The pair for my friend O. that ended up in two vastly different sized mitts, and the lone singleton intended for my co-worker S. which resulted in a mitt so small, even _I_ could hardly get my hand in it. And I, my friends, have small hands. I cannot begin to account for What Went Wrong with these. I try not to speak of it.) These ones, in a lovely wine color, have been thought of for three different people as a gift this holiday season. I figure that if they ever get knitted, I'll figure out who to give it to later.

5) The recently unraveled swatch for a mysterious Dal House Forum Holiday Swap gift, and also my first original design. We'll see just how far I actually get. ^^;;

6) The ball of yarn my mother bought last year, for the moebius scarf that I still can't figure out how to cast on and count stitches for. Which vexes me to no end. I WANT TO KNIT MYSELF A MOEBIUS BAG, DAMN IT!! ><;;

and last, but not least...

7) Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers (Stitch 'n Bitch Nation): I coveted these from the second I saw them when I first bought this book. But the chart, the chart scared me, and I dared not attempt them. This time, I am bound and determined to knit myself a pair, chart reading be damned. Um...maybe as soon as I finish up a couple of projects first (one...ONE finished would be enough for me. Honest.)


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