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( Mar. 23rd, 2009 04:43 pm)
Yanno, even when Mondays aren't horrible, I still can't seem to like it. =P It wasn't horrible, btw, but it was...yanno. The day after Sunday. And really, what more do I have to say?

In Dollie Selling News, [ profile] yuhime gets my Favorite F-Lister of the Day award, as she is buying my William Taeyang from me and YAY! \o/ There might be more dolls on the selling block than the previous two.

And um...that's about it. Nothing interesting happened today, nothing awful, I have days to ask off for tomorrow (April and May; JUUUUUUUNE days off have been taken care of for MONTHS *giggle*), and I think I'm finally getting use to my glasses. I am consumed by knitting projects and plots of (not really) Evilness and avoiding cleaning my bathroom because I'm SO. VERY. LAZY. I mean honestly, today? I got nuthin. *grin*

Hey, f-list, tell me something good about your day today! ♥
Because I'm very obviously on a knitting jag right now, and you all are cheaper than the therapy I so desperately need =P :

Lace and knitting related rants under here... )


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