Have been horribly cranky all day long. Can't figure out a real reason for it other than I guess I needed to indulge in some shameless self-pity? =p Am sitting at the grocery store eating lunch and trying to convince myself that I don't, in fact, NEED candy. Even though the chocolate bars are calling my name. Bastards. Got out of work early today, which was probably a good thing considering mah mood. Blaaaaaah.

...I'm totally getting chocolate. =p
...I totally bought chocolate. FYI. Though one of the things I got had some coconut hidden in there. I think it's a testament to how very blah (it certainly wasn't that elusive maturity) I am today when I didn't even flip out and just continued to munch it until it was gone. =P I am, however, planning on eating the Cadbury bar in its entirety while slugging in bed in front of The West Wing. This is despite the fact that in order for Plotty Plots that are Plotty to occur, I have to actually finish up some projects before the end of March (okay...maybe the beginning of April.) I am just done for today. Peace out.

Speaking of which, I managed to not completely eff up an entire pattern repeat on the Scarf of Calamity. I almost did, I really really tried to eff up the very last lace row before the pattern repeat was finished, but I was totally zen and managed to unknit and reknit in the correct order the offending stitches. Oh yes. I shall prevail.


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