Despite only have two buttery nipple shots last night, I woke up feeling all headachey and kinda grumpy. ^^;; This is why I rarely drink the hard stuff, guys, I just have no tolerance. ^^;; *is a wimp* Hung out with my cousin and his friend last night at the party, and it was really fun, but was so exhausted so cut the night short around 11pm and we headed to our respective homes. I had truly bizarre dreams including one where I spent the whole time yelling at a co-worker who was pissing me off, and Obama (yeah, that one was BIZARRE O.o [ profile] aoibhe and I were at a White House press conference that went awry.) The night before, I had dreams about angrily sorting yarn whilst yelling. I think my brain is a strange, strange place. So needless to say, today might be a stay in pjs and be lazy sort of day. I have things to write and plot, and a striped Noro Silk Garden scarf to knit to the exclusion of all other knitting projects (read: the Shawl of Doom and more fingerless cuffs for belated xmas gifts. Oops? I agree with my knitting goddess, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, that a scarf that is 1x1 ribbing and two row stripes should not even be at all this entertaining. But really? It so is. My fingers itch to knit it everytime they aren't preoccupied with typing...and even sometimes when they are. It does not make sense. Or, rather, maybe it does. Because the dye job on these yarns are SO LOVELY that it is immensely fun to watch as the colors shift with every row. *sigh* I also understand that this sounds a little...odd. Please, bare with me. This just means that this might someday be around the neck of one of you. Knitting loves company. ^_~)

Had to cancel one train ticket and order a new one, but my plan to take over WA with the twin, [ profile] isolabela, continues strong even after minor setbacks. Fear. Us.

Just as an aside, please go over to [ profile] foolsnotion and tell her how absolutely fabulous she is for offering and executing an adorable piece of art of my surly, but much loved, OC Lenore. It just makes me happy, yo. ^_________________^


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