Definitely have a case of the Mondays. But, instead of describing the inexplicable dread that I felt today, am gonna report on better things:

~ thanks to [ profile] mariamme, I've been searching for my copy of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. Unfortunately, I think it's still in my storage unit. ><;;

~ I actually posted something I wrote, and despite three people having to talk me down from the ledge, it's gotten a fairly decent reception. Hells yeah for getting over a fear. Sorta. =P

~ There is a plan in the works for getting this stupid room in order. Smaller furniture, rearranged, etc. Taking a lot of stuff back to my unit to hibernate until I have a place of my own once more. I miss my apartment. *sigh*

~ Have lots of comments to catch up on, but OH so exhausted and blah, so will be hanging around long enough to get some stuff done, and then it's off to be a slug. Might impose a (mostly) internet free day tomorrow, just so I can fight off this thing that I fear might become a cold. *eyes sore throat*

...that is all ♥


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