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([personal profile] awkwardgirl Apr. 25th, 2009 12:35 pm)
So I went to a memorial service today. My aunt's mother died the day before Easter after a long battle with kidney failure and a ton of other problems and bah. My maternal grandmother went sorta crazy when I was about 10 or 11 (thank you, genetics -_-), and my paternal grandparents I didn't see often and died when I was in junior high, so Geri was really the only grandmother figure I saw on a regular basis at family gatherings. It was a nice memorial, and I sat at the table with my cousin, her husband and baby son, and all her friends. Cried, which I hate doing in public and in front of family especially, and now I'm back home in jammies and trying to get up the energy to rinse off my makeup. *flops* So am bummed today.

Anyway, there was mention of saying I love you more often. And really, that's not bad advice. So you know what, best f-list ever? I LOVE YOU GUYS. Thanks for hangin' in there and letting me have my pity parties and being just freakin' awesome 24-7. ♥
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