Now, I'm mostly a pagan. I've fought long and hard to find a spiritual path that felt like home, and Paganism was it. I'm not a perfect pagan - I don't really do much to celebrate the holidays, and while I have before, I don't often go out and commune with Mother Nature with my fellow heathens. *grin* For what it's worth, I've always sort of had a hard time with faith. Oh, and I'm sorta lazy. =P But I always acknowledge it in the most important place: my heart.

I have friends of all walks of life, all colors, all belief systems. I talk shop with former Mormons (and current ones), hardcore Christians, lapsed Catholics, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists. I've read parts of the Bible, all of the Tao Te Ching, and manymany books on my own spiritual beliefs. In the end, I've cobbled together a few things that I simply call "Wrenism." *grin* But whatever your perferred (or lack of) deity, today is Easter/Eostre/just another Sunday. I miss the egg hunts from when I was little, and the pretty new clothes to wear to my aunt's family party. My mom, bless her heart, still acknowledges it to me: this year was a bag of Lindor Extra-Dark Chocolate Truffles. Oh. Hell. Yes. *giggle*

So I wish to you, dear f-list, a blessed day in however you choose to spend it. <3

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Wrenism....I love it : D

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a Buddhist, but I think I am too lazy to be a part of anything. It is a very intriguing religion though.


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