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([personal profile] awkwardgirl Apr. 5th, 2009 03:05 pm)
Am trying to be up and moving around, but I feel blah and nauseous and stomach-hurty and icky. Is gorgeous out, WARM - 67°F!!, I even wore flipflops out in public this morning, and now, all I can do is lay in bed feeling gross, and wander between curling up with a heating pad and sitting at my laptop with a heating pad. Urgh. I had plans. Full of stuff. And things. Now I just want to sleep, and I know that if I attempt that, there will be no sleep tonight, and tomorrow will just be worse than it normally is.

Going back to bed now.

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I pretty much feel the same. Too nice out for it to be such an icky day on the inside. I'm reading fic porn to lift my spirits.

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I totally hear you on the wandering between naps thing, since that's all I've done this weekend. Of course, it has been foggy and rainy and bleary here, which makes that kind of attitude easier.

I would say open the window to get the fresh air in, cuddle up under a blankie to keep warm, and let your mind rest contentedly on your favourite pair of pretty boys doing pretty naked things. *hugs you tightly* And feel better, sweeting.


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