I am so in love with Michael Franti and Spearhead. E. lent me his cd a couple of weeks ago, before I visited [livejournal.com profile] isolabela, and it's been on heavy rotation since then. It just puts me in a damn good mood. All reggae/political hip-hop. <333 LOVE. (Power to the peaceful!! Love to the peaceful!! *giggle* LOVE THIS SONG.)

My beautiful pink Canon digicam came today. IS SO TEENY. AND PINK!!! Smaller than my iPod even. O.o It fits much better into the camera case I got for my old Canon (RIP). Now, I just need a name for it...in fact, I still need names for my iPod and cellphone. O.O;; When did I get so lax, that only my laptop (Vimes) and external HD (Vetinari) are named? *sigh* The battery is charging right now, so I'm physically restraining myself from trying to use it.

So yesterday was the family (mom's side) Christmas Eve brunch thing since the snow fucked up everyone's holiday. (It snowed again last night. MY SOUL DIES A LITTLE EVERYTIME I SEE THE WHITE STUFF. x_X;; ) Stayed in bed late and watched the last two eps of Criminal Minds s2 disc 1, took a shower, got a pissy tm from my brother (seriously, he is almost 30 years old. If he can't get the stuff he needs to bring, then don't tm me to ask mom shit, CALL MOM YOURSELF. -_-;; ), and got yelled at several times by my mother to hurry up, so I got into the car in a less than fantastic mood. She kept yelling "BYE!" when I was trying to turn off my laptop, and I just stopped and said, "See you later!" back. =P Dude, like I care. Go ahead, leave me behind. Anyway. *handwave* It wasn't as awful as I anticipated. My cousin's rugrat was pretty damn cute (he's 16 months and full of smiles), my cousins themselves were decent, no aunts or uncles (or parents) were particularly crazy...I drank steadily for two or three hours though, on an empty stomach, and therefore ended up with a horrendous headache without the benefit of actually getting drunk. =P Food was good though (I *heart* breakfast foods) and I even got a hug from my brother WHICH NEVER HAPPENS O.o so I guess I forgave him for being bitch!boy on my cell. Came home, read for about a half an hour, and fell asleep around 7pm. Woke up 45 minutes later, turned off all my lights, and went back to sleep until 3:40am. Stayed awake with the muse poking my brain until 4:30, when I fell asleep and had strange dreams until my alarm. Was surprisingly awake. So yeah.


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