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( Feb. 1st, 2009 07:25 am)
Blaaaaaah. I am currently being sick. You know when you worry, and you sorta think "well, it's not gonna get worse than this" and then it does? That's how my night went. Worried all day long, then fell asleep, had nightmares, woke up, and now my stomach hates me so damn much, I can hardly function. It has been like this for two weeks, thanks to my new bc regime, and while I know that I just have to suck it up for the next couple of months, it feels like this "cure" for my pcos is only making everything worse. The exhaustion, the mood swings, the hormones screwing with my stomach...bah.

In good news, saw The Princess Bride with Emily last night and giggled our way through some Saiyuki and one very cracked out ep of Naruto. Started Pushing Daisies last night whilst we were both knitting, which always seems to be an appropriate thing to do when watching it. Tried calling aoibhe and secretchristine to let them know we were thinking about them. It was beautiful and sunny and not too horribly cold. Home tonight ;_; but we still have some time for more fun. <333


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