I am feeling...I dunno. Lonely, might be a good word. All my good friends, all the people I have any sort of thing in common with, who "get" this person called Wren, are scattered to the four corners of the world, and today...hn. It just sorta hit me hard. How much I miss people. How much I miss people I've never even met. It might be because I was sorta psyched to go out with C. and her college gang - they are the close, tight-knit group of friends that I always longed for in school and even now as an adult. C. unfortunately got really sick (on her birthday, no doubt) so the plans were dropped. I just wish there were more than three people here, that I only see on an infrequent basis.

Oh well. I have trips to look forward to in the upcoming months (TWIN! OLIVIA! JUUUUUUNE WITH THE OHANA!!) but it seems so faaaaar. *whine* There are days when I just need a real life hug, and today might be that day. *shrugs*

So, it's probably West Wing, continue dling Criminal Minds season 4, knitting something random, and possibly something sugary to take the edge off the day. ♥♥♥
Despite the squealing joy yesterday from the Dal House Forum swap gifts arriving (omg, Linden looks SO FREAKING CUTE in her new stuff!) and getting a card from my darlingest Awful Twin, [livejournal.com profile] isolabela, today is dark, gloomy, grey, and PISSING DOWN RAIN. Srsly, weather, wtf?! For all the flack that Seattle gets for being so rainy, most of the time it's this piddling, drizzly, misty stuff. But today? It is coming down hardcore. It makes me wanna curl up with hot cocoa and a good book and knit stuff. *sigh* So the blah continues.

Birthday and medical whining - read at own risk =P )

Despite current appearances, and desperate wishing to be cool and cynical, I am an optimist. I really, actually, for truly am. =P It'll come back eventually, until then, I am happy for the fact that I totally have fabulous people in my life, even when they're far away. ♥♥♥


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