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( Jan. 17th, 2009 02:58 pm)
I always feel like cleaning my room is like an elaborate cup game: remove the contents of one box only to refill it with the contents of three other boxes, round and round we go, pick which cup the pea is under... *flops* While there still isn't any more room in my closet, there are three or so boxes that are ready to be sent off to my storage unit, along with my bedstand and mattresses. I am on the floor now, on a twin sized mattress. *sigh* At least there's more room. I guess. The only thing coming back in my room is my yarn chest, and really, that's the important thing right there. Considering how useless my father is being, I don't know if my bed will be moved to my unit tomorrow with the rest of the stuff or not. It'd be nice to not have my mattress just sitting there, leaning against my wall, mocking me. But, I suppose, that's too much to ask. Since there's more room to groove now, though, I can finally move my cd rack to the other side of the wall and not feel like everything is closing in on my computer desk. Seriously, this room is so small, I'm mostly claustrophic sitting in here. HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I MISS MY APARTMENT? *sniffle*

Still working on pixels for those that requested. Might take another day or so until I can get back to them, but they're on my list. <333

Finally posted some Re-Ment that I've been meaning to sell/trade up at the new forum. Next, I need to get rid of my vintage (HA!) first generation My Little Pony stuff (sadly, I think I sold all my ponies in a fit of "I'm too OLD for this stuff", along with all my She-Ra dolls, and other cool stuff from the 80s/90s. I SO REGRET *sobs*) and my Aladdin movie Barbie clothes sets.
Yanno, when we get a bite block to make at NOON that has to go out THIS VERY SAME DAY, no wonder we don't get to take lunch until nearly 2pm. *flop* Ah well, that meant I only had about an hour left of work to do when we got back from break, and that was pretty awesome. SO TIRED THOUGH. I spent far too much time running to catch my phone ringing and playing phone-tag with doctors. I've called about five times to no less than three different doctors today. When I have the energy, I will write up the sorry tale of woe that is my health recently. I am not on speaking terms with my ovaries, and my adrenal glands? Fuggitaboutit. They can just fuck right off. =P Am so beyond sick of this...erm...being sick...ness. Yeah. That.

Despite being very much annoyed with my mother yesterday, she hath redeemed herself! She juiced THIRTY key limes to make "a key lime pie for Thanksgiving for her rotten daughter," as I requested last night. WOOT! YAY MOMMY!

I can has Re-ment? I opened ten boxes of Merry Strawberry today, with help from mom, for my very much spoiled Dal, Linden. Basically, I love things that are tiny. This, I cannot help. I'm gonna go take pictures now.

ps: PEOPLE! Watch Pushing Daisies tonight! <3

Christmas Came Early...


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