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( Mar. 17th, 2009 06:20 am)
Guh. Had nightmares. One particular one about [ profile] secretchristine and [ profile] aoibhe in which I don't remember anything other than how freakin' glad I was to wake the hell up. Guh, I say. ><;;
Spoilery comments on The Watchmen... )

Week...three? Four? Of the Great Constant Headache of 2009 continues. =P Keep hoping that Costco will call me today and say my glasses are ready. I am so sick of waiting. Nothing much else today, other than it's suppose to start snowing all this weekend (has already hailed and done a little snowing, but I can't tell if it's stopped or not right now.) I? Am also sick of snow. Spring nao pls? Or, better yet, JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE? Am off to finish weaving in the ends to the Shawl of Doom (finished! ZOMG HEE) and then wash and block it. YAY!
I had the single most HORRIBLE FREAKING DREAM about work ever. Like, I think I actually woke up crying a little the first time. ^^;; My manager yelled at me, and I think I was sorta fired, and she kept going around spreading horrible rumors about me to our co-workers, and I just remember calling my mom and having her pick me up, completely incoherent with tears. Dude.

All the other dreams I had after it, were all about how much I dreaded the first dream. ^^;; Weird.

Oh, and this sounds just a little ominous: [ Capricorn Horoscope] You might feel anxious today because change is in the air and you cannot yet grasp what it has in store for you. Your current insecurity blossoms if someone withdraws support or even love. Although you intellectually understand what's going on, this can bring up abandonment issues. Instead of attempting to hold on to the status quo, let go of your previous expectations and see where this shift carries you.


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