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( Mar. 23rd, 2009 04:43 pm)
Yanno, even when Mondays aren't horrible, I still can't seem to like it. =P It wasn't horrible, btw, but it was...yanno. The day after Sunday. And really, what more do I have to say?

In Dollie Selling News, [ profile] yuhime gets my Favorite F-Lister of the Day award, as she is buying my William Taeyang from me and YAY! \o/ There might be more dolls on the selling block than the previous two.

And um...that's about it. Nothing interesting happened today, nothing awful, I have days to ask off for tomorrow (April and May; JUUUUUUUNE days off have been taken care of for MONTHS *giggle*), and I think I'm finally getting use to my glasses. I am consumed by knitting projects and plots of (not really) Evilness and avoiding cleaning my bathroom because I'm SO. VERY. LAZY. I mean honestly, today? I got nuthin. *grin*

Hey, f-list, tell me something good about your day today! ♥
I worked 10 hours today, with no lunch break, and my brain? SORTA FRIED, THANKS. *flops* I know that there are those of you out there who do that regularly, AND YOU HAVE MY CONDOLENCES. NO THANKS. Nuh. *grin*

So. Tired. Hungry. Anxious about doing the same thing again tomorrow (14 inches of snow, kids, is not fun unless you are, actually, a kid. *flops*) Was told that we aren't going to open for a half day on Christmas eve, and while the money would be nice? SLEEPING IN IS SO MUCH BETTER. SO YAY.

Got the call from my surgeon's office today about the results from my test at the hospital a week and a half ago: not my adrenals, it is That Damn Ovary. Have had to reschedule this appointment twice already due to ALL THIS FUCKING SNOW, so am hoping that Monday I can actually go in and get this thing rolling. Surgery? I dunno, will have to see.

Last day of being 25. My last year of being in my mid-20's. Oh, I wibble.


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