So it took me close to a year of resisting but...*sigh* Hello, my name is Wren. And I love Criminal Minds. *grin* Have had the first three dvds of season 1 for a couple of weeks, and didn't break into it until yesterday in a fit of self-pitying ennui. OMG. ><;; I so love it. DAMN YOU, WIFEY. *shakes fist*

*curls up with moar dvds nao* My stomach is sick like woah. Again. PERFECT EXCUSE.

RIP Kim Manners ;_;
awkwardgirl: (Truth Vomit)
( Nov. 28th, 2008 01:40 pm)
I have spent no less than an hour and a half reading through Go Fug Yourself. This website? IT EATS MY SOUUUUUL. I mean, I don't watch the tv shows they talk about, can hardly name even one out of every six "celebrities" they critique, and yet I will spent vast, vast hours of my life giggling until I cry over this site. I blame [ profile] aoibhe for introducing it to me late one night during a furious ym-session.

Honestly? I sorta wanna be these girls when I grow up...


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