Birthday smoochies to my smooth-elbowed [ profile] schmedgar!! LOVE YOU ANNE! Hope it was fantastic and yarn-filled. ♥♥♥♥♥

Thanks to all who've commented on the past couple of "Wren is Whiny" posts. If I could, I'd buy you all tickets to some tropical island and we would totally have a kitten pile. *loves* I'm too exhausted to do anything over than watch Hogfather on my laptop right now, but you guys ROCK. <3
I woke up at 9 am-ish. Which, I must add, is WAY FRACKIN' LATE for me. Only to have my mother pop her head in and go, "You do realize that it's daylight savings time, right? It's only 8." WOOT! So here I sit, writing, at NOT 11 BUT 10 am. =P

But, unfortunately for me, gaining an hour of sleep doesn't make me the slightest bit smarter. Observe, my powers of deduction and reasoning, as retold to mah wifey, [ profile] aoibhe. (Hint: Sherlock Holmes, I ain't. ^^;; )

Wrennie: i just want you to know that you did NOT marry me for my brains
Wrennie: i have been bemoaning the fact that i-lost-my-black-paint-woe-is-me-cannot-find
Wrennie: it has been sitting, label out, in a CLEAR PLASTIC BIN, staring me in the face from my bookshelf
Wrennie: for weeks now
Wrennie: i'm betting on months, actually
Wrennie: *facedesk*

I've been procrastinating on getting any sort of work done on my two custom Pullip dolls because of the loss of the aforementioned black paint. Now, I suppose I don't have any excuse. =P

I've also decided to implement a new feature, since I finally found my smartphone program cd for my comp. The desktop was too old, methinks, for the software and so it never downloaded. The laptop is new and shiny and loved it. So I can sync up all my stuff from my cell phone onto here. So, I think it's time to have Wren's Daily Cell Phone Pic. Random shots from work mostly, since that's where I am all day long, five days out of the week. Behold, life from the eyes of a lab tech! *ta daaa!*

ps: post numero dos for the (Now, thanks to [ profile] schmedgar, I think of NaBloPoRNo. *gigglefit* I love my Anne, yes I do. ♥ )


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