Mostly because I don't have anything of the slightest bit of interest to talk about -- I played office drone and did bitchwork in the lab, nothing very exciting. But it feels weird not to post, thanks to NaBloPoMo, so while I don't intend on doing it this month, I might just as well for all the good it's gonna do me. =P Also, since I have this domain laying dormant, I might move all my knitting/craft stuff there, but yanno...that requires a) techie people to help, b) ditto on graphics-y people, c) vastly more webspace, and d) slightly more gumption than I've got at this point. =P

So instead, I give you... MOEBIUS SCARF. Pee Ess: Who wants to be my sugar mama/daddy and get me these? *drools* Lordy, I looked at Addi Turbos at the store last weekend...well over $20 for a single circular needle? Not just no, HELL NO. *grin*

Heee, lookie, only one twist and ONE edge! See, knitting is mathematical! EDUCATIONAL, PEOPLE. *grin*
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