It's snowing again. I know you must be sick to death of hearing me bitch about it, but believe you me, I'm MORE sick of having to bitch about it. SNOW! SNOW! ><;; I am so running away. Right now. I'm not sure I'm even going to stop to pack. Hell, I might not even bother getting dressed. That is the state of desperation that I have reached.

In random dollie news that no one but the dollie f-list girls will understand =P, I stuck a Lan Ake wig on my currently wigless Jupi because OMG THE TANGLED CURLS WERE DRIVING ME NUTS. Also, I can't afford to buy a new wig for her, and I couldn't have her running around bald, so I made do with what I had. She's pretty cute, actually, I might just keep her like this...for a while, at least. Still trying to figure out what to do with all my dolls. I have to finish Lenore, I have a wild dryad custom I have drawn out but not yet painted on, and I have dolls that I'm definitely gonna sell, some that I go back and forth on, and some that I still adore so much it's ludacris. I dunno. *sigh*

I (sorta) conquered one of my writing fears yesterday. GO ME. \o/

No seriously. It's snowing. The flakes are HUGE. Snow. SNOW. It fills me with hostility. Someone please rescue me! *flails*

I have been randomly throwing out Invader Zim quotes to any and all who will listen. I really, really need volume three. C'mon, THE GREAT FOODENING ON FOOD COURTIA! Mooshi and Spookti! HOW CAN YOU RESIST, HUMAN WORM BABY! /random geekery

And I'm out. Peace.
So um, now it's sunny, and rainy, and windy. O.o Because apparently, Washington is in its Apocolyptic Weather Cycle or something. O.o I'm just waiting for the rivers of blood and the locusts now. *shifty eyes* Have handbasket, will travel?

Also, just got back from PCC which is pretty much my happy place. Got cookies and random salads and caprese sandwiches and OH SO GOOD COFFEE (which my stomach is all BITCH PLS over, but whatever. Eff you, stomach. =P)

And Crink, who knows me perhaps a little too well, posted this as The Wrenniest Thing Ever. And yanno what? She just might be right. NARWHALS!
Basically, it's been a crap day. Oh well. My father, in a rare and extremely unexpected burst of fatherly attention, built me a bed frame for my mattress. O.o;; Who is this man, and what has he done with my REAL father? So I sit on a REAL BED, with knitting, season one of The West Wing, and a little pictorial offering...

I'm gonna sing the Doom Song... )

[edit 9:19pm] And apparently our flight schedule has changed for AZ in June. -_- This? A happy birdie does not make. *le sigh* I AM SO GOING TO BED NOW. Freakin' a.


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