The ohana is love. That is all. <33333 You cannot mess with it, you cannot break it, you cannot destroy it. It came back better, and stronger, than ever. Take that. =P

This week is passing so slowly, it feels like it's going backwards. Frsrs. I do not understand. *sigh* I have actual plans for the weekend with a friend I don't get to see very often, so yay for that! Plus, I should be getting my glasses (yay no headaches!) on Saturday (I BETTER ><) and yeah...despite parts of the week sucking royally, have been having lots of fun when I'm not work. =P It was gloriously sunny today, and all I needed was my sweatshirt when I sat in it at my lunch break and wrote random snippets of conversations that haven't happened yet. (Ooooo, the muse is clairvoyant!)

Mostly though, I am just bone tired and HUNGRY. =P

Also, randomly, these make me happy.


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