- My stomach is doing crappy today, randomly. *bitch!face*

+ It was a full day of worth today. Hells yeah for making a full day's pay for once. =P

- My throat hurts. ><

+ I put this new foam pad on my bed, and it is so fricking comfortable now. Is definitely helping with the aches and pains...it was getting really bad, waking up and being unable to move. I AM ONLY 26 PEOPLE. =P

- People keep making random comments to me and co-worker J. "Oh, you're best friends now, huh?" Dudes, we get along famously. We have the same sort of sense of humor, and about a billion random and hilarious inside jokes. Plus, she was the first friend I made at the lab when I started almost four years ago. You're just figuring out we're buddies NOW? *blinkblink* And how is it offensive? Weird people are weird.

+ We are now, officially, "BFFs 4EVAR!!!" They're just jealous of how cool we are.

+ SNOW IS MELTING. I hate snow. YAY FOR NO SNOW. \o/

+ I love my wifey, [livejournal.com profile] aoibhe, and she knows why. ♥

+ I totally made a fool out of myself with my co-conspirators last night, but it was fuuuuuuuuun. Tired Wren is weird. *grin*

+ I also love my f-list, because you guys are FREAKIN AMAZING. ♥

All in all, I think the positives have it for the day. Much better than yesterday, when everyone was determined to piss on my good mood. =P (Zeus?!)


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