More whining. Someday, I'll have a non-whiny post and you all will rejoice. =P

More whining, enter at own risk )
Wren: My back really hurts, and my head still isn't great, and I just don't think I'm gonna sleep without something to knock my ass out. But I'm not sure if mixing the percocet with the wellbutrin will...well...KILL me.

Mom: Call the pharmacy and see if you can mix it then. What time did you take your crazy pill?

Wren: This morning.

Mom: Oh, you'll be fine. It's the whiskey you can't take with it.

Wren: You mean I can't wash the percocet down WITH the whiskey? Aw man...

pee ess: It won't kill me. YAY FOR PAIN MEDS. =P


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