Still office drone, though I am FINALLY almost finished with checking July invoices, which means (I think. I THINK.) that I am almost done with my 4 month long game of doing-the-job-someone-else-should've-done-daily-which-would-only-take-about-20-minutes-anyway-and-really-it-was-part-of-your-job-ANYWAY-but-you-were-too-busy-trying-to-leave-before-lunch. -_- Bitter? Me? Why would you think that? O.O

I yelled at my mom today. A couple of times. I'm not proud of this, but damn...I love her? BUT SHE REALLY KINDA DRIVES ME NUTS FROM TIME TO TIME. ^^;; This cranky/tired bullshit is making me especially touchy, and when she talks in the morning? I sorta just wanna be all, "You're talking again. Could you like...not? Freals." It is totally my fault and completely me being a cranky baby, but man... ^^;; Somedays, not worth getting out of bed.
iTunes, you silly bitch, with the theme/mood music.

Grand Funk Railroad - Take Me

I'm a harmless kind of crazy... )


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