I'm gonna try to get off the whole "but I am le tired" kick I've been on recently. (Even though I'm TOTALLY still exhausted. But you didn't hear that from me *shifty eyes*)

For all y'all out there who like to take pics/know a thing or two about digital cameras, might I bend your ears a bit? I recently ran my computer chair into the Pullips bookshelf, where my cam was sitting. It sadly fell onto the floor (the part not covered by a rug >< of course) and the damn thing BROKE. *sigh* So I am without camera once more. I have no idea where to start looking for a new one. It was a Canon Powershot A560, and while it was a decent enough sort, I could never get it steady enough to take a non-blurry picture. Even in natural lighting on a stand. I swear it could feel the earth's rotation. ><;; Something under $200 with a motion stabilizer would be lovely, and compactish. Anyone? Bueller? I'm not looking for anything grand - I'm not trying to take pictures for National Geographic - but something that isn't gonna blur if I breathe on it too hard, and has relatively clear, non-noisy image result. Please and thank you. ♥

Work drama was almost non-existant today. HUZZAH! [orthodontic babble] I still rock the zebra stripes, even when I'm headachey and sickly - finally, I'M the best at something. I love when my manager takes care of the twin blocks that she springs on us at noon or later, THAT HAVE TO GO OUT THAT DAY WITH THE REST OF THE DELIVERIES. Especially when they have grind-ins. [/end orthodontic babble] Got stuck doing invoices again today, which I guess wasn't horrible, except for the little fact that I still haven't managed to finish checking shit from August and July, and then learning that the end of November and ALL of December have yet to be checked as well. People. This isn't my job. I do it to help out from time to time. Please not to be leaving all of it for me -- I already do my own work and then some. ><;;


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