WORK DRAMA. Bah, it didn't involve me, but there was much screaming and sending home of a co-worker and O.o!! Tomorrow should be...interesting to deal with. ><;; Not looking forward to it.

Still exhausted, even though I went to sleep before 9pm last night. I really do think I might be trying to fight off some sort of cold. >< Woke up blazingly hot at midnight, and actually had to turn my fan on. Had weird, bizarre dreams, although not as scary as the Criminal Minds dream I had a few nights ago that I cannot for the life of me remember, other than it was FREAKISHLY TERRIFYING. Brain, wth? I get a dream with hot mens in it, and instead of anything fun, I wake up with dread and pounding heart. For shame, brain, for shame. *shakes head*

Might be another early night. Finally started The Changling Sea from [ profile] lildemented and LOVE IT SO. The muse loves it as well, so that makes for a happy brain all around (cept for the yelling and screaming portion of today's work day. That sorta harshed my literary buzz. Jerks.)


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