awkwardgirl: (Josh is confused...)
( Jan. 9th, 2009 04:54 pm)
I wonder why going to bed early (I think I was passed out before 10:20 last night) and sleeping straight through until my alarm makes for a more exhausting day than if I did my normal 3-4 times waking up during the night. It's very odd. I even had to add an extra cup of coffee to my usual routine!

So this is to be a very uninteresting post, except for the fact that I GOT COOKIES IN THE MAIL FROM DARCY. And I cannot stop eating them. SO GOOD! MADE WITH LOVE! DELICIOUS LOVE. AND SUGAR! *grin* ♥ My adoration for her knows no bounds (and not just because of the cookies. Although that helps. *grin*)

Hai guise. Hope you're all enjoying the fact that it is FRIDAY HELLS YEAH. <333


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